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Hearth & Home Technologies’ Annual Rewards Trip

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BJ Hogge Ziplining

BJ Hogge ziplining.

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) celebrated another great year with its annual rewards trip. This spring, the 67 top-selling customers—selected based on sales growth and performance—and their guests traveled to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for a week of fun from April 25-29.

In addition to enjoying the all-inclusive Hard Rock Resort, customers were able to participate in activities such as riding ATVs through the jungle, exploring underground cave systems, ziplining above the treetops or sailing on a catamaran. The event wrapped up with a traditional Mayan fire dance and fireworks.

HHT Rewards 2016 2Left to right: Mathew Lansdon (NW Natural Appliance Center, Oregon), Marion Lansdon, Kit Pinzer-Hins (Fireside Hearth & Home Retail, Minnesota), Jud Hins, travel staff Coley Wright, Roger Oxford (HHT), Rio Secreto tour guide Javier

“Everyone is working very hard all year. Doing the small things to separate us from the competition. When your company rewards you like this, it gives you the mojo to fight even harder. What a terrific perk! Thank you. It was amazing,” said Tim Thomas, a first-time winning Builder Sales Rep from Fireside Hearth & Home in Manassas.

HHT Rewards 2016 3

Left to right: Drew Herendeen (Hearth & Home Design Center, Indiana), Eric Peterson (Capo Fireside, California), Bob Ballard (HHT), V.P. Berger (HHT), Matt Mattis (HHT), Wayne Stritsman (Best Fire Hearth & Patio, New York).

HHT will continue its rewards program in 2016, and recently announced Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as its 2017 destination.

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