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Fire & Hearth Accessories: The Importance Of In-store Visibility

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Hearth_Photo_1VANCOUVER, WA – A fire and hearth is the centerpiece of any home or garden. However, garden fire pits, in home wood burning stoves and cooking stoves aren’t just stand alone lifestyle elements. Whether it’s replacement glass, aesthetically complimentary hearth mats, replacement gas fittings, or even just a few new gas logs, stove and fire pit buyers consistently demonstrate that they prefer to purchase indoor and outdoor fire and hearth units from dealers who also stock the kind of accessories which they are likely to need.

Accidents happen. Stove glass sometimes gets broken. Likewise, routine gas safety checks occasionally identify valves and fittings which are in need of replacement. The problem? Your local fire and hearth dealer doesn’t actually stock the parts you require. Instead, you either have to find a a better equipped dealer who does, or attempt to get in touch with your fire pit or stove’s original manufacturer.

HearthPhoto_2Hearth parts and accessories therefore play integral, but often under appreciated parts in the ultimate success of any kind of stove dealership and/or fire and hearth retail outlet. Investors in such iconic lifestyle elements in their homes, don’t want to have to run around town just in order to maintain their particular fire or hearth unit. Moreover, contentious consumers are more likely to purchase a fire or hearth in the first place, from dealers who stock a visible range of accessories and aftercare products.

HearthPhoto_4At Hearth Distribution, we therefore pride ourselves on being able to better equip fire, hearth, and fire pit dealers, with not just a a full range of iconic fire and hearth units, but a full range of parts and accessories also. Even better, Hearth Distribution offer revolutionary low prices, and because we buy from the U.S., we can guarantee faster delivery than any of our stove and stove parts distribution competitors.
In fact, Hearth Distribution offers: • same day shipping on all orders; • no minimum purchases; • factory direct pricing; and • year round early buyer discounts.

Moreover, at Hearth Distribution, we not only stock all our own inventory, but we actively encourage feedback from dealers in regard to what parts, accessories, and even full fire and hearth units they would like to see us include in our catalog.

HearthPhoto_6Showcasing a stove or patio garden pit is a lot like showcasing a new car. People often have a few essential accessories and maintenance products in mind before they even enter your fire pit dealership in the first place. Make sure then, to stock the accessories that your customers want in order to secure bigger sales and ultimately better loyalty in the process.

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