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Poly-Wood Breaks the Mold with Collaborative Culture and Brand New Material

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Select Natural Table-BenchWhen you walk into the offices at Poly-Wood in Syracuse, IN, you feel an energy in the air. Their open concept layout brings departments together and promotes a highly collaborative culture. “It’s not just me, because I’m a leader, making the decisions,” explains Megan Pierson, director of Sales and Marketing. “If it involves employees, we want them to be a part of decisions.”

Poly-Wood believes this culture is one of the keys to their success; it’s charismatic and built on a genuine trust for one another.  “Our customers like dealing with people who are smart, well-trained and love where they work,” continues Pierson. “We’re inspired through sharing and implementing new ideas which ultimately results in the best product and experience for our customers.”

Select 6-Top NaturalPoly-Wood is truly a group of innovators reinventing more than the typical business model. With their new line, Select, the star of the show is the material. “We’ve explored outside the paradigm of what is being done with all-weather materials,” described Doug Rassi, co-founder and president, “and have created something that has never been done before. We’ve given this material genuine warmth and authenticity; it’s something you want to live with.”

Although Select may have characteristics of wood, it’s not aiming to imitate wood or any other natural element. Because of this uniqueness, it’s difficult to fully explain the emotional connection that happens once you experience Select. Your first instinct is to reach out and physically touch it, to feel the luxury. To trace with your fingers the distinct markings and intentional imperfections that Poly-Wood has welcomed and embraced. Each piece of lumber is a hand-finished, one of a kind, work of art where no detail has been overlooked.

Select 4-Top RosewoodTrue to all Poly-Wood products, Select is made in the USA with a proprietary blend of mostly recycled materials. It’s backed by an impressive 20-year warranty and offers customers the freedom that comes without upkeep; no waterproofing, painting or staining. Each Select piece also receives a hand-applied UV coated finish so that as it weathers, the sun begins to richen the colors.

From providing an exceptional culture for employees to pioneering reliable and stunning outdoor furniture, Poly-Wood is truly breaking the mold. In production, their technology makes it possible for employees to quickly assemble and package each piece of furniture.  When customers choose the “Buy Now” option, that furniture ships the next day with 99.8% accuracy. Pierson added, “We cherish the ideals of creating great customer experiences with a focus on the present age expectation of fast and painless transactions and delivery.”

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