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A Busy Year for Founder of “Girls at the Grill”

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North Carolina native Elizabeth Karmel, a.k.a. Grill Girl, started “Girls at the Grill” because she truly believed that cooking in the outdoors could be expanded beyond the occasional backyard barbecue. “I had an idea that if I could get women to embrace a gas grill, they would start using it for everyday cooking,” she says. “Men and women are doing that.”

Getting more “girls at the grill” is of particular interest to grill manufacturers and specialty retailers, especially considering that industry statistics show that women are grilling out more and continuing to influence purchasing decisions in the household.

Elizabeth Karmel at the grill.

Elizabeth Karmel at the grill.

“Women all across the U.S. are hungry for recipes and hints on how to use the grill to cook for family and friends,” says Karmel. “ is the first grilling website designed for women by women—or rather ‘for girls by girls’ because in North Carolina where I grew up, a woman is a ‘girl’ until she’s 99.”

With her reputation growing, Karmel launched last year, an “online barbecue shack” specializing in North Carolina whole-hog barbecue, seasoned with Karmel’s signature Lexington-Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce. This dedication to cooking innovation is an extension of her career-long dedication to indoor and outdoor cuisine.

She is the founding executive chef of Hill Country Barbecue Market in NYC, Brooklyn, and Washington, DC, and NYC and Brooklyn’s Hill Country Chicken. She developed the award-winning menu and flavor profiles from the meats to the sides and desserts for both restaurant concepts.

“I’m committed to sharing my passion for outdoor cooking with women everywhere,” adds Karmel. “Not only will you have eaten your last piece of charred chicken or shoe-leather steak, but you’ll find out just how fun it is. Why do you think the boys have kept it to themselves all these years?”

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