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Up Your Game During National Barbecue Month

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Cal_Flame_1POMONA, CA – May is all about barbecuing—from Memorial Day to National Barbecue Month. Cal Flame BBQ challenges barbecuers of all proficiencies to up their barbecue game by learning “one new skill” by Labor Day.

“Too often, individuals fall into a barbecue rut and forget that barbecuing is an art that can be improved upon over time by exploring new techniques, ingredients and technologies,” said Casey Loyd, Cal Spas President. “During this month, the unofficial start to summer and barbecuing season, we want to provide individuals with a reminder to look past their usual barbecue habits and try something new on the grill or smoker.”

To help inspire barbecuers to take that next step, Cal Flame BBQ is sharing 10 essential tips for barbecue novices and masters to consider:

1) Flirt with a New Flame. Loyal to gas or committed to charcoal? No matter your flame of choice, experimenting with a new style can sharpen your approach and reveal new ways to enjoy your food. Try switching up gas for charcoal, or vice versa. Borrow a smoker from a neighbor, try wood pellet grilling, or go low and slow with a komodo. Taste the difference.
2) Master Marinades. Many consider barbecuing to be all about the sauce – that’s why 46 percent of online grill owners prefer marinating before grilling*. Consider creating and perfecting your own special marinade blend to give your backyard edibles a distinct, signature flavor.
3) Pair up with Produce. While four in ten (44 percent) barbecuers regularly cook with corn*, try perfecting new produce items on the grill, such as watermelon, pineapple, apples, peaches and pears. They grill best when firm and barely ripe.
LBK_Island4) Visit a Barbecue Competition. Find true barbecue inspiration by witnessing (and tasting) the masters in their element. Visit Kansas City Barbecue Society’s online directory of sanctioned events – chances are one is near you.
5) Hold a Neighborhood Cook‐off. Put your barbecuing skills to the test with a neighborhood cook‐off. Invite neighbors to gather up the grills and fire up their favorite recipes. Let area kids and seniors serve as judges for an unforgettable block party.
6) Grill all Three Meals on the Fourth. While 68 percent of online grill owners barbecue on the 4th of July*, consider declaring full independence from your indoor kitchen for the holiday by cooking up breakfast, lunch and dinner on your grill.
7) Go Global. Mix up your outdoor meal plans by trying full ethnic flavored dinners – like Asian cuisine (kebobs and satay) or French delicacies (canapés or niçoise salads).
8) Befriend Your Butcher. Few know meats better than your neighborhood butcher. Take the time to regularly ask him or her for the best cuts for barbecuing – and tips for bringing out its best flavor.
9) Go Whole Hog on Accessories. Beyond a new spatula or tongs, go all in with new accessory purchases such as smoker boxes, rotisseries or a side burner – for a major refresh in what and how you cook.
10) Top‐off with Desserts. Celebrate the end a great meal not with ice cream from the freezer, but rather decadent desserts over an open flame. Think donuts, cakes – even s’mores – cooked in a grill pot.

Want to discover your true level of barbecuing expertise? Take the “What Kind of Barbecuer Are You?” online quiz to determine your backyard proficiency and discover new ways to gain “one new skill” this barbecuing season.
Let Cal Flame BBQ help you find the perfect outdoor kitchen, no matter the kind of barbecuer you are.

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