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Momentum Builds at Jensen Leisure Furniture

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For almost a quarter century, designers at Jensen Leisure Furniture have meticulously built a beautiful, and sustainable brand. Specialty retailers have spurred the Henrico, Virginia-based company to years of steady growth that culminated in a Casual Wood Manufacturer of the Year award from the International Casual Furnishings Association.

Roble New Kent Rockers from Jensen Leisure Furniture

Roble New Kent Rockers from Jensen Leisure Furniture

Jensen received the award, at least partially, for its well-known commitment to environmentally conscious wood sourcing. It’s not easy maintaining these standards, but Janet Wansor, vice president of Sales and Marketing, says the company manages to combine its mission with solid business practices.

“I think that our being a 100% Forest Stewardship Certified company is a bonus, but has not made it easier or more difficult to achieve our sales growth,” she says. “Like any outdoor furniture manufacturer, we do our very best to maintain high standards in quality and service and hope that the market responds. We take pride in Jensen Leisure Furniture producing furniture responsibly, giving value to our forest.”
Jensen’s family of retailers and consumers recognize the company’s signature Ipe wood as a long-lasting and beautiful timber. “Most are familiar with Ipe decks and know about its durability,” says Wansor. “As for our new Roble timber, we are needing to teach about the characteristics and features, because Roble is not known in the United States—as it is in Europe—for outdoor furniture. The chocolate brown of Ipe, contrasted with the creamy color of Roble, makes for a wonderful statement in presentation. Retailers and consumers who like wood are drawn to our Ipe and Roble.”
Jensen’s considerable momentum is continuing with the company’s recent introduction of ten accent pieces for 2015: the Ipe Opal Chaise; two Roble Tivoli Benches; Roble Tivoli Chaise; Roble New Kent Rocker; and five Roble Garden benches. Next year will feature even more accent offerings.
Handed Down
For those unfamiliar with Jensen Leisure Furniture, the company what designers call “heirloom furniture” that will be handed down through generations. Specifications ensure that furniture will endure the extremities of nature and repeated sittings throughout a lifetime of reading, dining, and gardenside solitude. Longevity begins with the quality of the timber.

The Ipe and Roble timbers that go into Jensen Leisure Furniture are certified by Rainforest Alliance as 100% FSC® Pure. Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certification is the global “gold standard” in independent, third-party forest certification. It guarantees that the wood contained in the furniture comes from well-managed forests. The FSC logo and “Chain of Custody” number branded on Jensen products allows buyers to track the wood back to the forest where it originated.

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