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Modular Canopy Design Sparks Industry Interest

Infinity_CanopyAlan Shargani, founder of Infinity Canopy Inc, Los Angeles, worked on his modular canopy design for three years before it was ready for release. Hard work paid off when he debuted his product line in October 2014 at the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Expo.

The Infinity Canopy won IFAI’s award for Best New Product in the Shade Category, and followed up that honor with an Attendees’ Choice prize for Outdoor Living Product Marketability at the recently concluded HPBExpo in Nashville.

Prior to Infinity’s modular concept, the style of canopy pictured (upper left) was usually custom made. “It would require someone to measure, figure out where to run cables, then make the canopy and install it,” says Shargani. “Since the Infinity Canopy is modular, you don’t have to figure out where the cable is going because everything can be adjusted.

Infinity_Two“The individual parts come together to build a canopy that is as long as you want, and as wide as you want,” he continues. “The shade panels are individual parts. The owner can have one color or multi-color, or create interesting designs. Compared to everything else that is out there, this is the most dynamic canopy on the market.”

In situations where a branch goes through, or repair is needed, owners can take the panel out, buy a new one, and put it in. “You can always update and upgrade your canopy,” adds Shargani. “You can make it red, white, and blue for the fourth of July. You can take it with you, because it is not made for a specific structure.”