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Youtube Update from Tiny Girl, Big Dream

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Acacia_BenchPALM BAY, FL – Canada-based C.R. Plastics is continuing its long-term relationship with Tiny Girl, Big Dream (TGBD), the brainchild of Acacia Woodley. Born without complete arms, Woodley knows what it feels like to be left out and not part of the group. Her unique benches, with materials largely made by C.R. Plastics, display empowering messages designed to put an end to bullying and promote compassion and caring.
“I wanted to create a place where a child can go when being bullied or having a bad day so others will know that child needs a friend and show support by sitting with them on the bench,” said Woodley.

The goodwill ambassador wasted no time in making her dream come true when she partnered with C.R. Plastics, an outdoor furniture manufacturer, and helped design a colorful, Adirondack-style bench that serves as a happy place for all children.
CRPlasticsFrom the Tiny Girl, Big Dream web site: Aside from placing Friendship Kits Acacia has big plans for Tiny Girl. She plans to create a company that reaches across the globe to find positive solutions to the various challenges facing the youth. She envisions a company run for and by kids each working collectively to find real solutions to the problems that kids are facing in today’s fast paced and ever changing world.
Acacia Woodley is continuing her dream of uniting children in friendship with help from C.R. Plastics. Click Here to see her latest heart-warming message on youtube.

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