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Saber® EZ Temp Meat Thermometer and Edge Grill Heat Up the Market

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EZTemp_PhotoRetailers looking to boost their accessory selection can help customers remove the guesswork from grilling. The product is called the SABER® EZ Temp Thermometer, and it measures the doneness levels of any meat in only five seconds,

The one-piece design makes the thermometer simple to use and easy to clean. The auto-off feature shuts down the thermometer after six minutes of no use, extending battery life. EZ Temp comes pre-programmed with 7 meat doneness levels and a user-defined temperature alarm. 

Edge_PhotoEvery SABER grill uses patented infrared technology and is made with the same premium materials and quality construction for a powerful combination of performance, innovation, and affordability.

A prime example of this performance is on the way in the form of The Edge™, a fully assembled two-burner grill that combines elegance, innovation and technology, connecting via Wi-Fi to a mobile device. SABER®’s DADO app sends precise, real-time data on temperatures, doneness and fuel levels directly to mobile devices. The technology assures that customers never run out of fuel again. The unit will be available in May 2015.

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