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How to Get a Gas Fire Pit Ready for Winter

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SquareSierra_02-1024x683Winter is coming, and in most places that means spending more time inside and less outside. There are many things that go into preparing an outdoor space for winter, and one of many responsibilities is getting the gas fire pit cleaned and ready for winter storage.

Specialty retailers may wish to encourage gas fire pit customers to follow this list of eight steps to ensure that their gas fire pit table will last for years to come.

1) Remove any debris (leaves, dirt, etc.) from the burner
2) Close gas valve on fire pit base or shut off gas line for natural gas
3) Shut off and remove propane tank from base
4) Remove glass wind guard or any other accessories and store inside
5) Remove glass fire gems or fire media from burner – optional – can be done in winter or spring for cleaning
6) Cover Crystal Fire Burner with burner cover
7) Wipe down fire pit top and burner
8) Cover gas fire pit table with vinyl cover

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