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Treasure Garden Expands Independent Sales Representation Team

Greg Kavoklis

Greg Kavoklis

BALDWIN PARK, CA – Treasure Garden has added four new independent sales representatives to its sales team. Greg Kavoklis, Stacey Riley and Laurie Falconer have been named to represent the Treasure Garden product line in Southern California regions. Hired to represent both the Treasure Garden and Shademaker brands within the Pacific Northwest is Brian Browning.  
“The knowledge of the outdoor segment, coupled with enthusiasm and passion for creating results for their lines was what drew us to add Greg, Stacey, Laurie and Brian to our sales team,” said Jeff B. Dorough, vice president, Sales and Marketing,
Stacey Riley

Stacey Riley

Treasure Garden, Baldwin Park, Calif. “Each one of them brings a professionalism and level of experience that will prove to be a valuable asset for further growth of our brands in these areas of the country.”
Laurie Falconer

Laurie Falconer

Greg Kavoklis has been named to represent Treasure Garden’s product line in Southern California counties, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern and San Luis Obispo. Riley and Falconer, of Patio Fireside Specialist and Contract Design, will be responsible for sales in San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial Counties of Southern California. Browning, who has been self-employed as an independent salesperson since 2012, will represent the Treasure Garden and Shademaker lines in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.
Brian Browning

Brian Browning

Kavoklis’ current line-up of manufacturers represented include R.H. Peterson, Klaussner Outdoor, Pride Family Brands and Malibu Outdoor Living. Riley and Falconer also represent R.H. Peterson, Telescope Casual Furniture and Ratana Home and Floral. Along with Treasure Garden and Shademaker, Browning will now also represent Summer Classics, Paragon, Propac Images, Gabby, Jaunty Rugs, and CR Laine.

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Gameroom Concepts Introduces New Shuffleboard Tables

Outdoor_GameroomGameroom Concepts Unlimited has long occupied a particular niche in the outdoor world with its venerable all-weather outdoor pool tables. Now the Longwood, Fla-based company has expanded its outdoor recreational equipment repertoire to include new outdoor shuffleboard tables.

The playing surface is made with a metal substrate, and the same hands-on quality as the outdoor pool tables. Specialty retailers can join in on the renewed interest for shuffleboard tables, while offering something unique on the showroom floor.

Gameroom Concepts is a family-owned business that’s been building pool tables for five generations. They introduced the all-weather outdoor pool table line in 1986, and have been testing and improving it all along the way.

Building all-weather outdoor game equipment is their only business, so it gets full attention. They use only the highest quality materials, all of which are the result of years of testing. Experience gleaned from decades of experience has been put into the latest shuffleboard tables.

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California Outdoor Concepts Sets its Sights on 2015

Carmel Round_FirepitWith a successful 2014 coming to a close, California Outdoor Concepts is once again preparing to create the environments in which customers wish to linger. For the Tustin, Calif-based company, that means crafting an outdoor ambiance that is desired by all. 

Customers at specialty retailers who display the company’s firepits may find that the hardest part will be deciding which one to actually purchase. The luxurious firepit tables are numerous, and naturally become the center of attention. Friends and family will love sitting around and enjoying the view.

Firepits have caught on in recent years, and designers at California Outdoor Concepts believe the trend will remain hot thanks to handcrafted outdoor furnishings that create a space as unique as the lifestyle of each homeowner.

Carmel Square_PHotoCOC’s Firepit Tables are available in 10 distinctive designs. Tables are constructed from the highest quality pure, non-corrosive materials and natural granite, and feature COC’s innovative interchangeable table-center accessories. Each firepit is a functional work of art that will be the highlight of any outdoor area.

Firepit Tables’ interchangeable table-centers allow for excellent functionality. Customers can select accessories from a traditional natural-effect Glo-Fire gas logs, a Reflections Firepit Table Glass, an ice bucket cooler or a solid granite center with umbrella hole.

Customers can choose between liquid propane or natural gas. Additional convertible accessories allow retailers and/or customers to adapt Firepit Tables to individualized outdoor living needs.

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Weather Gets Cold, but Grillstone Accessories Heat Things Up

VolcanicSpecialty retailers looking for an eye-catching addition to their product mix would do well to consider the Island Grillstone Barbecue Accessory. Made of naturally porous volcanic rock, the Island Grillstone holds heat up to 900 degrees, searing in natural flavor, moisture and nutrients, while preventing barbecue flare-ups that cause charring.

Tender steaks and chops, moist chicken, succulent mushrooms and delicate salmon can all be enjoyed with the Island Grillstone. All that taste comes courtesy of the ancient art of stone grilling. No more marinades or sauces slipping through the grill—just a pure, beautiful sear and an island experience that customers can taste—again and again.

The Square Grillstone has the following measurements:
• Dimensions: 14 inches by 14 inches by 3/4 inches (35.6 cm by 1.9 cm)
• Weight: 13.5 pounds (6.2 kg)
• Composition: natural porous volcanic rock
Round Grillstone has the following measurements:
• Dimensions: 14 inches by 3/4 inches (35.6 cm by 1.9 cm)
• Weight: 12.5 pounds (5.7 kg)
• Composition: Natural porous volcanic rock

From luxurious outdoor kitchen components and high performance cart barbecues to versatile, travel-anywhere portable grills, Jackson Grills is committed to providing a diverse range of grilling technology options, factory tested to meet strict quality control standards.

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Crystal Fire Gas Burner Installation Has Convenient How-To Video

CFLD-C_Flame_squareWhether you’re installing for a customer, or a customer needs a good visual aid for his own installation, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has a convenient youtube video.

The video details the basics of setting up a UL listed Crystal Fire Burner, an easy installation that can be done by anyone with the proper tools. Watch Paul explain the process in this short video.

Click Here to watch the video

Company Web site

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Ways to Extend the Outdoor Season

Sonoma_10_Party_v5With the cool, crisp nights of Fall, many people extend their time spent outside by gathering around a gas fire pit or outdoor fireplace. While summer months may be too hot for a fire, the fall season is great for spending time outside. 

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers everything customers need to create a cozy outdoor room, from furniture to fire pits to pergolas. Pergolas can provide shelter from wind, sun, falling leaves, and even snow (hey, that fire pit will keep you warm!). Prospective customers will love pergolas for many reasons, especially the way they complete an outdoor room and tie everything together.
Fire pits and fireplaces are an obvious choice to extend the outdoor season. With cooler Fall and even winter nights, a fire pit or fireplace can provide warmth.

What’s an outdoor room without furniture? The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has comfortable outdoor furniture that perfectly matches its products. Finding the perfect height chair for a fire pit table or fireplace, for example, is easy.

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The Process Behind Choosing an Electric Fireplace

The cost to install and use an electric fireplace is at least four times less than a gas insert.

The cost to install and use an electric fireplace is at least four times less than a gas insert.

When helping customers choose a fireplace, there are many important factors to consider— efficiency, safety, cost, ease-of-use, maintenance, etc. There is only one category of fireplaces that can hit all of these marks plus more–Electric Fireplaces.

GreatCo., a division of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, produces several styles of efficient electric fireplaces to choose from. The cost to install and use an electric fireplace is at least four times less than a gas insert or linear fireplace and there is minimal maintenance compared to a wood-burning fireplace. Many aspects and features of an electric fireplace are there to save money and time.

• There is no gas or fuel line required, just an electrical outlet for standard 110 volts.
• There is no venting or chimney required— saving the time to maintain and the cost to install and keep up.
• Smoke, soot, and residue from burning wood or gas are not a problem with an electric fireplace, saving time.
• There is no annual service plan required and the daily operating cost is much less than a gas fireplace—only a penny per 24 hours with flame and backlighting and 9 to 18 cents per hour with the heat on.

A GreatCo. Electric fireplace can be used without the heat on.

A GreatCo. Electric fireplace can be used without the heat on.

Because a GreatCo. Electric fireplace can be used without the heat on; it is the perfect accent to a home no matter the season or temperature outside. These fireplaces are designed with LED lighting technology to run 12 months out of the year efficiently, quietly, and safely. No matter if a linear wall mounted fireplace or a fireplace insert is used, it can be easily moved from room to room without expense. Installation happens in minutes, not hours or days, and can be done without a professional (again saving money and time.)

GreatCo. Gallery Electric Fireplaces are also safe to use. They are great when adding warmth and heat to a room, but will stay cool to the touch. This safety feature is great for children, pets, and peace of mind. GreatCo. also has each fireplace tested and certified by the Canadian Standards Association for safety.

Whether it be updating an existing wood-burning fireplace, or adding a fireplace to any room of the house, electric is the fireplace of choice. GreatCo. Gallery Electric Fireplaces are expertly designed and tested for safety, making them the perfect addition to any space.

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How to Get a Gas Fire Pit Ready for Winter

SquareSierra_02-1024x683Winter is coming, and in most places that means spending more time inside and less outside. There are many things that go into preparing an outdoor space for winter, and one of many responsibilities is getting the gas fire pit cleaned and ready for winter storage.

Specialty retailers may wish to encourage gas fire pit customers to follow this list of eight steps to ensure that their gas fire pit table will last for years to come.

1) Remove any debris (leaves, dirt, etc.) from the burner
2) Close gas valve on fire pit base or shut off gas line for natural gas
3) Shut off and remove propane tank from base
4) Remove glass wind guard or any other accessories and store inside
5) Remove glass fire gems or fire media from burner – optional – can be done in winter or spring for cleaning
6) Cover Crystal Fire Burner with burner cover
7) Wipe down fire pit top and burner
8) Cover gas fire pit table with vinyl cover

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ProCom Heating Continues Dual Fuel Momentum as Manufacturing Transitions to the United States

Model PCK80T from ProCom Heating Inc.

Model PCK80T from ProCom Heating Inc.

Model FBD28TCC-M-MO from ProCom Heating Inc.

Model FBD28TCC-M-MO from ProCom Heating Inc.

ProCom Heating Inc has a long history in the heating industry dating back to the early 1980s. During that time, they were the first Chinese manufacturer of heating products to export to the United States. Nowadays, much of the Calif-based company’s manufacturing is transitioning to the US.

In the early 1990s, the first US Corporation was started, which would become Universal Heating in Yorba Linda Calif. Universal Heating was sold to Desa International in 1998, and a joint venture was created with Desa that lasted until 2001. That end was the beginning of Continental Appliances, dba ProCom, which was the company’s identity until 2012 when ProCom Heating Inc came to fruition.

These days, ProCom is changing from an import company to a US-based manufacturing entity, a transition that continues to this day. Patio & Hearth Products Report (P&HPR) chatted with Kirk Kirchner, president, ProCom Heating Inc, Brea, Calif, about the transition, and the benefits of the company’s Dual Fuel technology.

P&HPR: What are the driving factors for moving your manufacturing to the United States?
Kirchner: The repatriation of our manufacturing is an ongoing effort which started in 2012 with our purchase of the first facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This facility was created to manufacture our full line of outdoor heating equipment. Since that time, we have expanded to include the facility that used to be the home of Desa International as well. All told we have a total of 360,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space as well as an additional 68 acres of developable land in Bowling Green.

Some of the factors behind the decision to come back to the United States were increased costs of labor and materials in China, as well as the increased costs and time on the water for ocean freight. We also looked at the seasonality of our heating business and recognized an opportunity to offer our partners the ability to level load their inventory and capitalize on fluctuations in the weather.

This decision to come back has made us the only US manufacturer in the category today. Since technology has always been what has differentiated us in the industry, the expanding footprint in the US has allowed us to focus on the development of our products stateside with the creation of a fully certified, CSA-accredited engineering lab for both outdoor and indoor heating products.

P&HPR: With the headquarters of your company in California, why did you chose Bowling Green Kentucky for your manufacturing center?
Kirchner: Besides the obvious pool of talent that existed in Bowling Green after the closure of Desa, the central location to the largest pool of heating customers made the decision fairly easy. We also understand the history of heating products manufacturing in the town and the positive impact that it would have to the community if we brought it back to Bowling Green. Since we opened the community has really embraced us and our continued expansion has firmly planted us within the fabric of Bowling Green.

P&HPR: Throughout this process of repatriation, what have been your biggest challenges?
Kirchner: When we began to lay out the repatriation plan with our dedicated contract manufacturer in China, it was decided that as we moved some production to the US, they would need to consolidate their facilities in conjunction with our efforts. This consolidation took longer than they had anticipated, and in turn affected our ability to supply our customers in a timely manner this year. This is also the first year of our NextGen Dual Gas System, our latest improvement to Dual Fuel technology. Whenever you are launching a new technology there are always challenges.  Fortunately we are pretty good at addressing those challenges, since this is our third generation of dual fuel technology.

P&HPR: What is Dual Fuel and what are the advantages?
Kirchner: In simple terms, Dual Fuel is the ability for a gas appliance to be installed and operated on either Natural Gas or Propane Gas based on what is in the home. This is accomplished without having to make any alterations to the appliance. Our first patent for Dual Fuel was applied for in 2006 and since that time we have been the industry leader in this technology. Initially our dual fuel technology was based on what we call our 2 step design which allows the installer to plumb the gas to either the NG side or LP side of our patented dual fuel regulator and then select NG or LP gas on our patented selector valve. We then evolved into a 1 step design that, although patented in 2010, was never released. Our latest evolution is a no step design that we call NextGen Dual Gas, and have launched this season.

P&HPR: How is it different from the older technology?
Kirchner: Unlike our old technology, NextGen has no selector valve, and the installer merely connects the gas to the appropriate regulator inlet and no other selection is necessary. Another improvement in the technology is that with NextGen, if the installer connects the wrong gas to the wrong inlet, the unit will not be able to light, thus making NextGen the safest gas appliance technology in the industry. We hold 24 Dual Fuel related US patents.

P&HPR: What are the advantages to Dual Fuel?
Kirchner: The advantages to dual fuel over traditional fuel-specific appliances are mostly in ordering, inventory management, and capital investment in inventory. If the buyer does not have to worry about whether he or she has enough Propane units to Natural Gas units, and he knows that every product purchased can be sold to either application, then there is no need to carry as much inventory to make up for the split between NG and LP. This means they have to dedicate less warehouse space to capture the same amount of sales and have fewer dollars tied to that inventory. This is huge when you are stocking for a seasonal item. Simply put, they always have the right product on the shelf.

P&HPR: What is the biggest misconception about your company or products?
Kirchner: That we are a Chinese company with limited industry experience. The truth is that ProCom Heating Inc is a family-owned US corporation based in the United States. Our executive staff today has a combined 215 years of industry experience. Our US manufacturing expansion is one of the largest single investments into manufacturing infrastructure made in our industry in the last 10 years. Our history in the industry dating back to the early eighties, as well as our commitment to the community of Bowling Green Kentucky, proves that our position as industry leader in Vent Free technologies is well deserved.

P&HPR: What are your plans for the future?
Kirchner: We will continue our facilities investment this year with the installation of an automated sheet metal fabrication department to support our expanding domestic capabilities, and to feed the robotic paint line already in place. We also have plans for expanding our current markets and launching new products with new technologies into segments of the industry we currently do not participate. True to our company’s prime directive, if we enter a new category with a new product, we must bring new technology, and that is what we will do as we expand our product offerings in the future.