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Visualization Software Helps Customers See the Possibilities

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Cylindo’s visualization platform yields hyper realistic 3D renders.

Cylindo yields hyper realistic 3D renders.

Cylindo visualization software provides furniture retailers and consumers with photorealistic 3D visualization of furniture products from any angle, in any color, in any room.

The San Francisco-based company provides virtual tools to give product presentations on websites and in stores. Providing simple solutions to complex purchase decisions, Cylindo alleviates the guesswork portion of a furniture purchase; making it easier for customers and sales staff to focus on the sale. Cylindo has helped furniture retailers and manufacturers all over the world to increase their sales and lower return rates.

Helping a $430B furniture industry convert 30% better—online and in-store—Cylindo is used by more than 500 offline and online stores, including Fortune 500 Company Steelcase and Peter Thiel backed startup, Oppa. Founded in 2012 by former game industry entrepreneurs Lasse Krügermeier and Janus Jagd, Cylindo is now a team of 21 with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Copenhagen and Bitola.

“Using the Cylindo’s visualization platform furniture retailers can show hyper realistic 3D renders of all product configurations and display how the products would look like in consumer’s home prior to purchase which makes the more comfortable with transacting online as they can understand every detail of the product before the buy. This is crucial when you’re buying big ticket items like a couch or a dining table. When you show more, you sell more,” says Cylindo CEO Janus Jagd

Cylindo believes shopping should be fun, engaging and ultimately a satisfying experience. No more stressing about furniture and how it will look in your home or office space. Cylindo, brings the joy back in shopping for customers’ renovated space, dream home or office.

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