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The Elmira Fireview Wood Burning Cookstove Shows Off its Versatility

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For a hint of smoke, Elmira’s experts recommend four or five bisquettes.

For a hint of smoke, Elmira’s experts recommend four or five bisquettes.

Where there’s smoke, there’s yummy smoked food coming out of an Elmira Fireview wood burning cookstove.  Who’d have thought you could lightly smoke meats, fish, vegetables and desserts indoors in a wood burning cooker? You can, and it won’t even smoke up the kitchen.

The same technology that creates air circulation and even temperatures in the Fireview’s oven also draws the smoke out of the stove and up the chimney. A gap in the gasket on the oven door allows room air to be drawn into the oven, creating air flow and mild turbulence that helps eliminate hot and cool spots. That air is then drawn out of the oven and up the flue through three small holes in the back of the oven.

“Smoking and southern barbecue have become extremely popular over the past few years,” says Brian Hendrick, Elmira Stove Works’ vice president of Marketing. “For those who are interested in cooking on a wood burning cookstove, or supplementing their traditional range with a wood cooker, this is a real bonus.”

The smoking process in the Fireview is fairly simple, and Elmira will soon provide a smoker kit with each Fireview cookstove it sells. The kit contains a broiling pan, cover, roasting rack, tongs, thermometer, smoke puck or “bisquette” samples, a puck pan, and instructions.

Once the oven is at the desired temperature, you simply set the food to be smoked on the rack in the pan, fully ignite a smoke bisquette in the stove’s firebox, blow it out, set it in the puck pan, and close the oven door. The oven will fill with smoke, and the smoke flavor will slowly permeate the food.

Each bisquette lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. For a hint of smoke, Elmira’s experts recommend four or five bisquettes. For a heavier smoke, double up on the bisquettes in the pan, smoke for longer, use a heavier wood smoke such as hickory or mesquite, close off one or two holes in the back of the oven to hold in more smoke, or a combination of these techniques: the more smoke, the more flavor.

“You might not get a really heavy smoke flavor,” says Hendrick. “If you want heavy smoke through an eight-pound pork butt, you’ll probably need to go back to your outdoor smoker, but the Fireview can definitely achieve a nice light smoky ‘bark’ on smaller cuts of meat.”

So not only will the Fireview heat the home or cabin, cook food, provide a pleasant fire to watch, and provide hot water for the home; it will also let end users enjoy the tasty pleasures of smoking meats and other foods indoors.

Some suggested recipes to search online include: smoked chicken, pork ribs, pulled pork, mahimahi, or beef brisket; smoked corn on the cob, smoke-roasted asparagus, baked beans, smoked apple pie, apple-smoked peaches with ice cream.

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