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The Perfect Complement for an Outdoor Kitchen? A Heating System

The perfect reason to linger longer under the stars on a cool summer evening.

The perfect reason to linger on a summer evening.

GARDENA, CA – Customers building their outdoor kitchen are looking for the perfect heating element. After they’ve picked appliances, counter-tops, tile and seating, the last ingredient could well be an Infratech heating system that adds customized climate control and ambient warmth to the outdoor kitchen.

It’s the perfect reason to linger longer under the stars after a delicious dinner on a cool summer evening – or extend the outdoor living season, come spring or fall. There are lots of reasons why Infratech and outdoor kitchens go together like the elements of a well-planned gathering.

Custom Color Options
Infratech heaters come in a variety of colors – including custom options – and can be coordinated to complement or match appliances, ceiling treatment, wall, or tile colors.

Mounting Options


Infratech heaters are 90% energy efficient.

A wide variety of mounting options is among the reasons why Infratech heaters are a favorite of interior designers and architects. Whether you’re heating a sitting area, dining table or bar, customers can choose from flush, pole, wall or ceiling mounting options to best complement the look, structure, and functionality required for the space.

Eco-Friendly, Ambient Warmth
Infratech infrared heaters are 90% energy efficient, and emit a subtle, pleasing glow that will not blow away in windy conditions. They provide odorless, ambient, radiant warmth for the space that won’t detract from the aroma of steaks on the grill, or flickering candlelight on the table.

Efficient, Easy Maintenance
Infratech heating systems are simple and inexpensive to maintain. They’re as easy to operate as flicking a switch, and can be installed with a wide range of customized control options. In addition, Infratech heaters operate for only pennies per hour. Customers will never have to worry about refilling propane tanks again.