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American Fyre Designs New Artisan Glass Edition

Amphora Firetable with Artisan Glass Edition - Small Pebbles Top.

Amphora Firetable with Artisan Glass Edition.

The new Artisan Glass Edition from American Fyre Designs offers a distinctive way to add elegance to any outdoor room.

Select fire tables, fire falls, and fire walls are embellished with mirrored glass, colored glass, or colored stones—each individually handcrafted and made in the United States.

American Fyre Designs products available in the Artisan Glass Edition include the Inverted Fire Table, Amphora Fire Table, Large and Small Fire Fall, and Firewall. Equipped for propane underneath, firetables include burner, but all other items must be purchased separately.

Dimensions: 48-inch (diameter) by 23-inches (height)
Weight: 450 pounds