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C.R. Plastic Products Makes “Tiny” Girl’s Dream a Reality

Friendship Bench_Photo1

Acacia Woodley founded Tiny Girl, Big Dream.

STRATFORD, ON – When a diminutive girl named Acacia Woodley (nickname “Tiny”) wanted to put a dent in the scourge of bullying, she dreamed of a sanctuary. As a girl with two fingers on her left hand, Woodley knew about bullying, and the sanctuary she longed for ultimately took the shape of Friendship Benches.

Woodley’s organization, Tiny Girl, Big Dream, partnered with Canada-based C.R. Plastic Products to manufacture the colorful benches where kids can go when they need compassion and understanding. Schools and institutions may purchase colorfully adorned friendship benches from CR Plastic Products.

Acacia & Ted_Photo2The school/institution price includes a kit with 500 bracelets, DVD video from Acacia, Friendship report and markers. “The price, including the kit, is meant for schools, clubs, institutions, etc. that would want the kit in order to help promote the Friendship Bench initiative,” says Ted Scott (pictured with Acacia Woodley) of C.R. Plastic Products. “C.R. Plastic Products is proud to work together with Tiny Girl, Big Dream, to support her kindness epidemic in conjunction with the Friendship Bench.”

According to an article in the Stratford Beacon Herald, Florida-based Woodley describes a Friendship Bench as “a special bench that anyone can go to when they’re having a bad day or need someone to talk to.”

Printed on the back are words of encouragement and positive character traits. The Beacon Herald reports that C.R. Plastic Products “has built a total of 45 of the cheerful friendship benches so far, as well as one gigantic one that measures nearly three meters in height and weighs almost 700 kilograms.”