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Sunbrella Has Five Reasons Why White is Red Hot for Spring

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White cushions can work.

White cushions can work.

Designers at Sunbrella know that there are a lot of fashion rules surrounding the color white. Most fashionistas agree wearing head-to-toe white to a wedding, unless you are the bride, is a fashion faux-pas.

Others adhere to the “no white after Labor Day” rule with die-hard resolve. Still others believe that a white sofa is surely just an accident waiting to happen and opt for a “safer” color, like beige or gray. This spring, Sunbrella says brush aside preconceived notions about the color white and convince customers to try it on for size. Click Here to see Sunbrella’s in-house Shine blog for more information.

Here are five reasons why white is red hot for spring:

1) White is the color of purity and innocence. Spring is the season of rebirth and after a long winter of dark, stormy days, and white conveys new life and hope for warm days ahead. This spring, try using a light hue like Canvas Natural on decorative pillows against a dark sofa or chair to create a chic and unexpected contrast.

2) White is the ultimate blank canvas. By definition, white is the color the human eye sees when it senses light containing all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum; therefore, white pairs perfectly with any and all colors of the rainbow. For a natural look that plays off the light green colors of spring, pair a white chaise with citrusy greens like Echo Limelite, Carousel Limelite and Canvas Palm.

3) White is bold. Should you use white fabric on your outdoor furniture this spring? Why not? Sunbrella fabric is very cleanable and looks fabulous by the pool, in the garden or on the deck. If you want to get creative, add a contrasting color to the cushion welt cording and tie in decorative pillows in a pattern from a similar color palette.

4) White is minimalist. Spring fashion lookbooks are bursting with white-on-white ensembles, which feel both minimalist and luxurious. If you choose to go the minimalist route with your fabric colors, be sure to incorporate different textures and details like fringe or cording to add interest to your design.

5) White is on trend. Everywhere we look, we see white. This season, white blazers and white skirts are replacing the standard black or gray office wear and sandals that incorporate at least one white strap look chic and of-the-moment. For home décor, borrow the classic black and white color palette that never goes out of style, or for a more subtle look, add a touch of coral or teal to a white and gray base.

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