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Marine Grade Polymer is Differentiator for Specialty Retailers

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The Hampton Sling is made with MGP.

The Hampton Sling is made with MGP.

Designers at Windward Design Group have long understood that the outdoor living area is more than a place to sit. It is an extension of the home, and an extension of the customer’s personality.

Specialty retailers rely on better service, better products, and better understanding. Customers recognize these qualities in the attitudes of representatives and the special items on the showroom floor. Windward’s furniture made with marine grade polymer is a material that truly puts the “special” in “specialty” retailer.

“Consumers are wanting more diverse materials for their outdoor living space and our MGP product is a solution for that demand,” says Carrie Morales, executive vice president. “You won’t find it at the big box retailers and it cannot be imported. It truly is unique.”

Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) collections are made of High Density Polyethylene a durable material that will not swell, rot,

The Hampton Deep Seating Sofa is another prime example of an MGP product.

The Hampton Deep Seating Sofa is another prime example of an MGP product.

splinter, warp, fade or chemically break down when exposed to humidity, water or sunlight. The material is 100% recyclable as well as environmentally friendly. All marine grade polymer materials are made entirely in the USA.

Marine Grade Polymer has many beneficial characteristics, including:
• high density polyethylene (HDPE) originally developed for the marine industry, such as seating on boats;
a frame that will not rot, swell, blister or delaminate, even in harsh salt-water or chlorinated environments;
substantial weight;
• marine grade stainless steel hardware;
• material specially formulated with UV inhibitors;
• a non-porous material that will not absorb dirt, chemicals or liquids;
• significantly stronger, more scratch resistant and durable than furniture from 100% recycled material;
• three colors – River White, Greco & Flagstone Gray;
• no additional finishing required;
• precise tolerances for consistent color, thickness & density; and
• micro shield additive that protects against bacteria & algae

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