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After HPBExpo, Twin Eagles Continues to Build Momentum

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TwinEagles_Photo1CERRITOS, CA – A month after the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo (HPBExpo) in Salt Lake City, the hot streak continues for Twin Eagles Inc. Part of the reason for the Cerritos, Calif-based company’s success stems from its solid showing at HPBExpo.

“The show was an overwhelming success for us,” says Brian Eskew, marketing director, Twin Eagles Inc. “We had a 20-foot-by-40-foot booth, the largest we have had since we’ve been going to the show. Our booth (pictured above) was absolutely jammed throughout the show. There was a lot of interest, activity, and fun.”

TwinEagles_Photo2The sizable booth was a matter of practicality since there are now three main brands under the Twin Eagles umbrella. “Delta Heat is the value-priced product for someone looking for an American made grill with a breadth of offerings,” explains Eskew. “The Twin Eagles line is more in that ultra premium category. Just this year we introduced a third line, Del Sol Outdoors, which is an accessory offering—doors, drawers, and a drop-in cooler. It’s a step below the Delta Heat, and it gives us an opportunity to present dealers with a good, better, and best offering— which tends to be a winning retail strategy.”

Twin Eagles has already made plans for next year’s HPBExpo in Nashville, and that will serve as the company’s only national show. “We do have distributors and dealers who will attend regional shows,” says Eskew. “Our distributor in the northeast attended the Mid-Atlantic Pool and Spa Show for example.”

Improvements and additions to all three of the Twin Eagles’ lines are on the agenda for 2015, while 2014 is dedicated, at least for now, to keeping up with demand. “We had such a spike in demand with the redesigned Delta Heat product, and the continued growth and success of the Twin Eagles, that we made the decision this year to hold the course with our existing offerings,” adds Eskew. “For 2015, we’ll be taking a slightly more aggressive approach to new products and innovation.”

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