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A Big, Beautiful Fireplace All Year Long

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The 864™ TRV Clean Face GSR2 Gas Fireplace can put out major heat or cooler ambiance.

MUKILTEO, WA – Fireplace Xtrordinair is offering the 864™ TRV Clean Face GSR2 Gas Fireplace, the perfect solution for customers looking to have a big, beautiful fire that provides supplemental heat. Ideal for small to mid-sized homes or zone heating in large living spaces such as great rooms and living rooms, the 864™ TRV CF allows users to comfortably display a gorgeous, glowing fire all year-round while being able to control the heat output.

The large, clean fire view showcases the highly detailed Dancing-Fyre™ log set and glowing embers from any angle in the room. This all-glass appearance shows no visible face, grills or louvers—it simply highlights the fire. The 864™ TRV CF allows the option to sheetrock around the edges of the fireplace or to use a Tile Guide. The Tile Guide gives the ability to frame the fireplace with any non-combustible tile or stone, right up to the edge of the guide, for a more clean appearance.

All of the components on this fireplace can be operated with the GreenSmart™ 2 wall mounted remote control. The remote can operate in MANUAL ON/OFF, THERMOSTAT, or the efficient, money-saving GREENSMART™ MODE, where the flame modulates as the thermostat calls for more or less heat.

The 864™ TRV CF is able to achieve such a controlled heat output because of its huge turn-down ratio. This fireplace can go from 31,000 BTUs/HR down to 6,700 BTUs/HR on natural gas or 5,200 BTUs/HR on propane.  With this exceptional turn-down ratio, users are able to enjoy a wide variety of heat outputs and use the 864™ TRV CF 365 days a year.

Another control factor is the standard Accent Light. The Accent Light is adjustable and highlights the fire in six different settings, adding a warm glow to the interior of the firebox whether the fire is on or off. The Accent Light is lit from the top of the firebox and shines down onto the fire presentation, showcasing the highly detailed, hand carved 10-piece log set with burning embers. The Accent Light is ideal for warm summer nights to achieve the look of roaring flames and a stunning fire view without overheating the home.

The 864™ TRV CF can still boast a large heat output when desired. With 31,000 BTUs/HR and two 90 CFM standard blowers, it can really heat a big living space in no time. It is also available with an 8-inch top or rear venting option, allowing for maximum installation possibilities. With a massive glass fire viewing area, this fireplace is a show-stopper that not only serves as an excellent heater, but as a beautiful focal point in any home.

The 864™ TRV CF GSR2 Gas Fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair is not only a stunning fireplace, but a wonderful heat source that can be installed in any room and enjoyed in any climate. It is capable of boasting an impressive fire that can heat large areas or to set the perfect ambiance without all of the heat.

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