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Hot New Item: the Bison Airlighter from Infora


Designers at Infora are touting the Airlighter as the “fastest, cleanest, and safest method of instantly lighting a fire.”

It might be a flashy accessory, but the Bison Airlighter from Infora works to quickly light fires. Whether it’s for cooking, warmth, or ambiance, designers at Infora are touting the Airlighter as the “fastest, cleanest, and safest method of instantly lighting a fire.”

The fully portable device can light as many as 40 fires between recharges, and is deemed ideal for fires indoors and out, including smokers, grills, campfires, tailgating, fire pits and fireplaces.

Other units, such as the familiar Forskona Firedragon, jets air where users need it for instant flames and easy fire-building. The Firedragon features:
• an elegant and effective fireplace and BBQ tool which quickly gets your fire blazing;
• no need for fuels or other harmful solvents;
• prongs for raking coals and turning logs with ease;
• help to keep a safe distance from the fire and smoke; and
• black power-coated steel shaft with polished brass mouthpiece.

Infora is a privately held brand development and distribution company in New York that was founded in 2009 by StJohn and Pia Wiles. Having lived in Sweden, they witnessed alternative approaches to everyday life that they thought would translate universally into other cultures.

They began designing and manufacturing products to bring the benefit of their experience to others. The launch product was the Halsa Mat, making Infora the first company to offer acupressure mats in North America, and was featured on the Dr Oz show as an audience give-away.

Infora learned from this experience and started building additional unique products and brands. In September 2011, Infora acquired Mango International, a distributor which specialized in marketing unique product concepts, greatly reducing both the speed and cost of bringing its products to market.

Today, Infora’s has four main brands: Bison; FatCat; Forskona; and Halsa. They engineer and design the products and distribute them to retailers, including specialty local retailers, mail order catalogs, online stores, and national chains. They also distribute the True Utility brand in the USA, and continually work to better support customers with the technology solutions backed by old fashioned customer service.