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Fire Pits: The Product for All Seasons

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Retailers have cast fire pits and fire tables as either spring or fall items, but that’s not the whole story.

Although fire pits in some form have been around since the cave man (and woman), their recent popularity has surprised many members of the hearth and patio Industry. Most products in these industries are seasonal, but fire pits and fire pit tables afford retailers a product with viable sales all year long.

Many retailers have cast this product as either a spring or fall item, when in fact its popularity will spike in each of these seasons. When Blevins_Imagepeople have been indoors for months and long to get outside, the fire pit—with its ambient heat—allows for an early escape. In the same way, the fire pit allows consumers to remain outside longer even as the feel of those wintry winds make their presence known.

As more and more retailers understand this consumer requirement, the category will continue to grow. At California Outdoor Concepts, the question isn’t, “Should I have a fire pit in my backyard design, but rather, which fire pit best suits my needs?”

Many of the fire pit styles offered by California Outdoor Concepts are available in multiple heights, from Chat to Dining to Balcony to Bar, and even Coffee Tables. Rather than offering consumers an eclectic gather of different table styles, California Outdoor Concepts allows consumers to design their outdoor concept with a theme consistent with personal choices.

Although these tables can all function as fire pits, they can easily be converted to a solid granite table or Ice Bucket to meet the needs of the consumer. For example, a Chat Height Fire Pit by the Spa; a Balcony or Bar Ice Bucket with an umbrella by the pool; a solid topBlevins_Image_Two granite table; or the unique coffee table with a serpentine burner on the Patio.  Why sell one table when the consumer has a need for multiple tables, but with different functions?

California Outdoor Concepts offers a multitude of options that allow consumers to develop their own unique fire pit.  For example, there are 12 base options; seven base colors; four granite colors in three different sizes; and three non granite tops, all new for 2014. To top it off, there are 11 Reflection Glass options and the traditional gas logs. Consumers have all of the ingredients to develop their own unique look.

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