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Ultimate 5 Gas Logs and the MOMBO Gas Log System Light Up Commercial and Residential Markets

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Ultimate 5® gas logs from Eiklor Flames are made of high-heat 2600° ceramic refractory.

Customers are increasingly seeking realism and energy efficiency in gas logs, and Eiklor Flames is satisfying the demand with its artistically created, ultra-detailed Ultimate 5® gas logs. The logs are made of high-heat 2600° ceramic refractory, and heated by a patented 5-burner system with stainless steel components and heavy-duty iron grates for a realistic, energy efficient, ‘toasty warm fire.’ Sizes range from 18 inches to 36 inches.

The MOMBO® gas log system, also from Eiklor Flames, is an exclusive, patented large two-burner technology. The MOMBO (pictured, bottom left) is ideal for small, and huge, fully-vented commercial and residential fireplaces or fire pits—for indoor and outdoor use. Sizes range from 3-feet to 10-feet long.

Eiklor Flames is a family owned business committed to customer service, and to providing the best and most realistic gas logs. The Indiana-based company’s three decades of success is the result of exceeding customer expectations. The Night MOMBO2manufacturing operation responds to strong demand each year supporting record unit sales. Dealers appreciate the strategy, which is geared toward long-term growth.

Customers who opt to custom build Eiklor® gas logs can select a burner system, and choose according to how many stainless steel burners they want in the system. The more burners, the more flame distribution for realism and beauty. EIKLOR FLAMES® patented burner systems with heavy-duty iron grates are available in custom sizes and front-view and see-thru designs.

Log style often depends on what looks best in a particular room décor. Eiklor Flames’ log sets consist of a front log, a back log, and twigs. Finally, customers will likely select a factory-mounted control valve that operates the system.

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