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Cal Flame Sets the Tone for Cozy Evenings Under the Stars


The Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace is made with a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame.

Many people spend a large portion of their day tackling the hustle and bustle of everyday life, leaving little to no time for a moment of relaxation. A warm cozy sanctuary created in an outdoor living area could be the ideal solution.

Turning a backyard, deck, or patio into a private retreat is simple with the Cal Flame outdoor fireplace and fire pit product line. The products are perfect for lounging under the stars on a cool winter night, or hanging out with friends after a swim on a summer evening.

Consumers want products they can enjoy year-round and share with friends. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a perfect solution to hectic schedules and conservative budgets. Integrating Cal Flame hearth products into showroom floors can enhance the overall look and feel of a store and give consumers options for creating magnificent outdoor living spaces.

Cal Flame offers a complete line of hearth products that hit all the critical price points. Beautifully designed outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can be customized to fit any décor and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace is simple elegance at its best. Made with a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardbacker tile backer board, the sturdy one-piece construction includes:
• a front mantle;
• battery powered electronic-ignition on/off switch;
• extended chimney;
• 36-inch firebox with 7 logs;
• lava rocks to accent the base of the firebox;
• 18-inch grate;
• 55,000 BTUs stainless steel burner;
• ETL approval; and
• a liquid propane/natural gas option.

CalSpa_FirepitConsumers can make a stunning statement at an outdoor gathering with the Cal Flame FPT-G5000 Tempered Glass Table Top Fire pit (pictured, left), adding to the attractiveness of any backyard.

It is a dazzling contemporary vision of lights, beauty, and style that will amaze guests and transform an outdoor living space into an elegant outdoor lounge. It comes standard with:
• a four-piece fire log set and lava rocks;
• a stainless steel burner that emits 55,000 BTUs;
• liquid propane or natural gas; and
• a Piezo ignition system which is a battery-powered electronic ignition on/off switch.

It can be customized with your choice of Ameristone Stucco in five different colors, eight Cultured Stone styles, accent trim with Porcelain Tile, or Natural Stone Tile and LED lights.

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Storage Solutions from DCS by Fisher & Paykel Set to Debut at HPBExpo in Salt Lake City


The Dry Pantry is designed with ultra-premium indoor features to store all the essentials.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel, a manufacturer of commercial grade indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances, will introduce outdoor storage solutions that complete and complement the company’s premium line of built-in outdoor kitchen appliances. The Calif-based company will debut its new outdoor storage solutions at HPBExpo in Salt Lake City, scheduled for March 5-8, 2014, at Booth #3812.

“Outdoor living is a rapidly growing lifestyle phenomenon,” says Gina Lathrum, brand marketing manager for DCS by Fisher & Paykel. “One of the keys to outdoor living is bringing all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors, beginning with an outdoor kitchen complete with appliances and storage solutions for cooking, preparing and storing food.”

According to Lathrum, DCS by Fisher & Paykel is committed to providing all the capabilities of an indoor kitchen in an outdoor setting and delivering the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience. Accordingly, the company’s new outdoor storage solutions offering includes:

• Tower Drawers (Single, Double and Triple options) are designed with thoughtful convenience in mind so kitchen ingredients, service ware, platters and tools can be stored in an outdoor built-in kitchen. Tower drawers can be installed in many configurations.
• Trash & Recycle Bin offers a concealed environment that includes two full size removable bins. The slide out sealed drawer system is designed to prevent ingress of rodents and insects and is weather resistant.
F&P_BeverageCenter• Dry Pantry is designed with ultra-premium indoor features to provide an ideal place to store all the outdoor essentials, dry goods, cookware, counter finishes and anything an indoor pantry would hold.
• Beverage Chiller provides a fully insulated compartment that holds up to 17 gallons of ice to chill refreshments. Its deep depth comfortably holds long bottle neck beverages and wine bottles. A removable commercial grade condiment container is food safe for cocktail accessories and includes four individual containers and lids that are removable for cleaning / filling.
• Beverage Chiller Bottle Accessory is permanently fitted to the front of the beverage chiller, houses 1-liter bottles and provides added storage and arms reach service.

Growth in the outdoor grill market indicates consumers are poised to embrace the new outdoor kitchen experience.  Global market research firm, Mintel, says the outdoor grill market is expected to grow by more than 4% over the next four years with 13.9 million outdoor barbecues, grills and smokers shipped by 2016.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, nearly half (49%) of grill owners see their outdoor grilling area as a functional cooking area of their home, while nearly a quarter (23%) see it as a place to rest and relax and 29 percent view it as an entertainment area.

“All the capabilities of an indoor kitchen can finally be realized in an outdoor setting. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, DCS has it all,” says Lathrum. “From storage drawers to warming drawers and beverage chillers, DCS manufactures the finest of everything needed to complete any outdoor kitchen and, even more importantly, create the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.”

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Duraflame Debuts Liquid Bio-Ethanol Burning Appliances


Liquid bio-ethanol burning appliances allow users to fuel and refuel without pouring (or spilling) fuel.

STOCKTON, CA – Duraflame has developed a new, patent-pending technology for liquid bio-ethanol burning appliances that allows users to safely fuel and refuel the appliance without pouring (or spilling) the fuel. The key to the technology is a burner system that uses a custom fuel canister that remains sealed until it is inserted into the fuel burner.

Unlike traditional ethanol appliances, users do not have to wait for the appliance to cool before refueling. The appliances have a built-in feature to indicate when it’s time to refuel, for uninterrupted flames.

The development of bio-ethanol appliances was the next step in Duraflame’s commitment to clean-burning fireplace fuels. Designers initially developed fireplace log sets (certified for vent-free use) and an outdoor fire pit to launch the line of duraflame® illuma® fireplaces. One of the log sets, the 24-inch set with a dual-burner system, won a Vesta Award at the 2013 HPBExpo.

“We are excited to share our expanded product line at the upcoming 2014 HPBExpo, the majority of which are offered exclusively to specialty hearth/patio retailers, and three of which are vying for Vesta Awards this year,” says  Crystal Iluma_FuelWohle, brand manager, Duraflame Inc, Stockton, Calif. “We’ve taken a more modern spin on the technology with a tabletop appliance that can be used outdoors or indoors (vent free) as well as freestanding fireplaces that feature log sets or a more sleek, log-less design.”

Since bio-ethanol does not emit smoke, the appliances can be used on days when solid-fuel burning curtailments (imposed by air districts) are in effect. The vent-free appliances also provide options for consumers who may not have a functioning fireplace, or no fireplace at all. This safe, simple, and clean bio-ethanol technology represents the next generation of fireplaces.

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Three Galaxy Offerings Are Making a Splash


The eye-catching Galaxy Kamado Rocket.

Company officials at Las Vegas-based Galaxy Outdoor call it the “Rocket Smoker,” but the actual name is the Galaxy Kamado Rocket, an advanced cooking system hand made in the United States. Along with a key Galaxy composite, the Kamado also features stainless steel and detailed tile finishes. The eye-catching engineering generates perfect, even, circulating heat.

As a versatile grill, smoker, or oven, it uses any heat source—charcoal, wood, natural gas, or propane gas, with sizes range from S, M, L, and XL. “Cooking on the Kamado Rocket won us the First Place title in Chicken at the World Championship at the JackGalaxy_Islands_Photo Daniels invitational barbecue,” enthuses Bruce Spangrud, founder. “We also won at Bass Pro and the Chubby Hubby competitions because the barbeque chefs love the way the Rocket cooks and holds in that heat. And again, the big difference between us and every cooker out there is we are the only ones that use all four fuels, and the way we build our Kamado Rockets is also a differentiator.”

Galaxy_FireTable_PhotoGalaxy Islands (middle photo) come in custom, finished, or unfinished, and deliver years of utility with the highest quality materials and superior design. A twelve-gauge galvanized steel permabase surface prevents weather wear; and galvanized welding/bolting (not screws) make for excellent construction. Galaxy Fire Tables and Firepits (bottom left) are all about comfort, and use the same materials as the company’s islands. The units include 16-gauge 304 stainless steel for all key components, and are 100% built in the United States.

Galaxy currently caters to independent dealers in 30 states, with the overwhelming majority of sales falling within the custom category. Dealers and prospective customers who visit the Las Vegas headquarters can peruse a 10,000-sq-ft showroom to get plenty of ideas.

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Hot New Item: the Bison Airlighter from Infora


Designers at Infora are touting the Airlighter as the “fastest, cleanest, and safest method of instantly lighting a fire.”

It might be a flashy accessory, but the Bison Airlighter from Infora works to quickly light fires. Whether it’s for cooking, warmth, or ambiance, designers at Infora are touting the Airlighter as the “fastest, cleanest, and safest method of instantly lighting a fire.”

The fully portable device can light as many as 40 fires between recharges, and is deemed ideal for fires indoors and out, including smokers, grills, campfires, tailgating, fire pits and fireplaces.

Other units, such as the familiar Forskona Firedragon, jets air where users need it for instant flames and easy fire-building. The Firedragon features:
• an elegant and effective fireplace and BBQ tool which quickly gets your fire blazing;
• no need for fuels or other harmful solvents;
• prongs for raking coals and turning logs with ease;
• help to keep a safe distance from the fire and smoke; and
• black power-coated steel shaft with polished brass mouthpiece.

Infora is a privately held brand development and distribution company in New York that was founded in 2009 by StJohn and Pia Wiles. Having lived in Sweden, they witnessed alternative approaches to everyday life that they thought would translate universally into other cultures.

They began designing and manufacturing products to bring the benefit of their experience to others. The launch product was the Halsa Mat, making Infora the first company to offer acupressure mats in North America, and was featured on the Dr Oz show as an audience give-away.

Infora learned from this experience and started building additional unique products and brands. In September 2011, Infora acquired Mango International, a distributor which specialized in marketing unique product concepts, greatly reducing both the speed and cost of bringing its products to market.

Today, Infora’s has four main brands: Bison; FatCat; Forskona; and Halsa. They engineer and design the products and distribute them to retailers, including specialty local retailers, mail order catalogs, online stores, and national chains. They also distribute the True Utility brand in the USA, and continually work to better support customers with the technology solutions backed by old fashioned customer service.

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Fire Pits: The Product for All Seasons


Retailers have cast fire pits and fire tables as either spring or fall items, but that’s not the whole story.

Although fire pits in some form have been around since the cave man (and woman), their recent popularity has surprised many members of the hearth and patio Industry. Most products in these industries are seasonal, but fire pits and fire pit tables afford retailers a product with viable sales all year long.

Many retailers have cast this product as either a spring or fall item, when in fact its popularity will spike in each of these seasons. When Blevins_Imagepeople have been indoors for months and long to get outside, the fire pit—with its ambient heat—allows for an early escape. In the same way, the fire pit allows consumers to remain outside longer even as the feel of those wintry winds make their presence known.

As more and more retailers understand this consumer requirement, the category will continue to grow. At California Outdoor Concepts, the question isn’t, “Should I have a fire pit in my backyard design, but rather, which fire pit best suits my needs?”

Many of the fire pit styles offered by California Outdoor Concepts are available in multiple heights, from Chat to Dining to Balcony to Bar, and even Coffee Tables. Rather than offering consumers an eclectic gather of different table styles, California Outdoor Concepts allows consumers to design their outdoor concept with a theme consistent with personal choices.

Although these tables can all function as fire pits, they can easily be converted to a solid granite table or Ice Bucket to meet the needs of the consumer. For example, a Chat Height Fire Pit by the Spa; a Balcony or Bar Ice Bucket with an umbrella by the pool; a solid topBlevins_Image_Two granite table; or the unique coffee table with a serpentine burner on the Patio.  Why sell one table when the consumer has a need for multiple tables, but with different functions?

California Outdoor Concepts offers a multitude of options that allow consumers to develop their own unique fire pit.  For example, there are 12 base options; seven base colors; four granite colors in three different sizes; and three non granite tops, all new for 2014. To top it off, there are 11 Reflection Glass options and the traditional gas logs. Consumers have all of the ingredients to develop their own unique look.

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Ultimate 5 Gas Logs and the MOMBO Gas Log System Light Up Commercial and Residential Markets


Ultimate 5® gas logs from Eiklor Flames are made of high-heat 2600° ceramic refractory.

Customers are increasingly seeking realism and energy efficiency in gas logs, and Eiklor Flames is satisfying the demand with its artistically created, ultra-detailed Ultimate 5® gas logs. The logs are made of high-heat 2600° ceramic refractory, and heated by a patented 5-burner system with stainless steel components and heavy-duty iron grates for a realistic, energy efficient, ‘toasty warm fire.’ Sizes range from 18 inches to 36 inches.

The MOMBO® gas log system, also from Eiklor Flames, is an exclusive, patented large two-burner technology. The MOMBO (pictured, bottom left) is ideal for small, and huge, fully-vented commercial and residential fireplaces or fire pits—for indoor and outdoor use. Sizes range from 3-feet to 10-feet long.

Eiklor Flames is a family owned business committed to customer service, and to providing the best and most realistic gas logs. The Indiana-based company’s three decades of success is the result of exceeding customer expectations. The Night MOMBO2manufacturing operation responds to strong demand each year supporting record unit sales. Dealers appreciate the strategy, which is geared toward long-term growth.

Customers who opt to custom build Eiklor® gas logs can select a burner system, and choose according to how many stainless steel burners they want in the system. The more burners, the more flame distribution for realism and beauty. EIKLOR FLAMES® patented burner systems with heavy-duty iron grates are available in custom sizes and front-view and see-thru designs.

Log style often depends on what looks best in a particular room décor. Eiklor Flames’ log sets consist of a front log, a back log, and twigs. Finally, customers will likely select a factory-mounted control valve that operates the system.