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Power in Pizza Retail at The Companion Group

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The Pizzeria Pronto® from The Companion Group.

The obsession with great pizza shows no sign of slowing down, and The Companion Group is helping dealers capitalize with Pizzacraft®, an extensive line of artisan quality pizza stones, tool, accessories and outdoor pizza ovens for crafting and baking pizzas at home.

The company’s new Pizzeria Pronto® pizza oven features patented technologies that allow the oven to create pizzeria-quality pizzas at home or on the go, fast and easy. The oven preheats in 10 minutes and cooks a pizza perfectly in five minutes—and then is ready for another pie. The oven is offered at select retailers and online.

Pizzeria Pronto Accessories – Along with the new portable pizza oven, Pizzacraft® is now offering a line of accessories created specifically for the Pizzeria Pronto.

Accessory Kit
The folding aluminum pizza peel and pizza oven stone brush are essential for cleaning and maintenance of the Pizzeria Pronto®. The pizza peel (pictured, bottom right) conveniently folds for portability and storage. The brush isPizza_Peel provided for cleaning the oven baking stones and has a built-in scraper to remove baked-on cheese and toppings. Each of these items are also sold separately.

Propane Tank Adapters
Pizzacraft® also offers two different propane tank adapters. The 1-pound propane tank adapter will allow customers to run the outdoor pizza oven on a portable tank to travel with. Users don’t have to take the bulky 20-pound tank when traveling. The T-valve adapter is perfect for many outdoor cooking areas, and the adapter can hook up the pizza oven as well as gas-powered grills or other units.

Deluxe Rain Cover
Pizzeria Pronto® enthusiasts can protect the unit from the elements with the custom cover with a secure elastic bottom. The cover is recommended if the pizza oven is stored outside.

Leg Kit
Still in development, the Pizzeria Pronto® leg kit extends the height of the oven to 40 inches from the ground. The kit includes a base for a 20-pound propane tank to conveniently tuck under the pizza oven. The top support brace features a utility rack for keeping pizza making tools handy.

The Companion Group is a manufacturer of barbecue tools, accessories, and other products for cooking outdoors. Founded in 1984 by Chuck Adams, CEO, and Doug Fielding, president, the company is headquartered in Berkeley, Calif, with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Warehouse facilities are located in Hayward, Calif.

The company’s top brands—Charcoal Companion®, Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue™, Planet Barbecue™ and Pizzacraft® were created to represent a wide selection of quality home cooking products for the barbecue grill and indoor oven. In addition to these top brands, The Companion Group offers extensive private label services to create unparalleled customized programs built on the foundation of strong store brand recognition.

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