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Infratech Heaters Bring the Warmth During Seasonal Chill

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Infratech low-profile electric heaters coordinate with many décor styles.


Heaters are the perfect way to get more use out of indoor-outdoor spaces.

With cool, crisp afternoons throughout many parts of the country, outdoor enthusiasts still want to enjoy the beauty of patio and deck living. With an Infratech infrared heating system, dealers can extend the outdoor living season by months, or even year-round in warmer climates.

Plenty of customers want to sip cocktails under a harvest moon, move the game-day tailgate party outside, or even enjoy an early dinner on the terrace in comfort and convenience. Incorporating an Infratech heating system into the showroom floor display could be just the trick to heat up some Fall/Winter sales.

Infratech heaters offer environmentally friendly, energy-efficient heat, and silent operation, without the harmful emissions, odors or negative environmental effects created by gas heaters or outdoor fireplaces. Enthusiasts can enjoy the changing seasons without impacting the environment or running up their energy bill.

Heaters are the perfect way to get more use out of indoor-outdoor spaces like patios, terraces, verandas, enclosed areas, or any indoor/outdoor setting where heated air cannot be easily contained and re-circulated. Better still, they’re available in a wide range of color and finish options, and can be built directly into a ceiling or wall, mounted to trellis beams, tucked beneath awnings, pole mounted and more, to blend seamlessly into décor.

Whether outfitting a terrace in a residential home or seeking a versatile heating solution for large commercial properties, Infratech offers a wide range of standard and customized design and control capabilities to suit the needs of any space.

These low-profile electric heaters coordinate with many décor styles, to bring casual comfort to upscale restaurants, hospitality and retail establishments, fine homes and more. Control options range from simple systems with on/off switches to comprehensive custom controls that can be integrated into a home management system.

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