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IntelliDraft from Enervex Seeks the “Perfect Draft”

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IntelliDraft integrates with almost any design.

Today’s fireplace designs challenge the traditional venting system design. IntelliDraft from Enervex opens up many new design options, while allowing for a larger view area of the fire—and a more natural look.

“The main feature from the IntelliDraft compared to our previous product (EcoDamper) is that the control automatically adjusts based on the reading it gets from the probe—creating nearly a perfect draft at all times without changing the settings,” says Michael K. Owsley II, marketing communications specialist, ENERVEX Inc, Alpharetta, Ga.

Features of the IntelliDraft include:
• freedom to integrate in almost any fireplace design;
• elimination of the need for glass doors; and
• enabling of chimney designs that defy traditional design rules.

A fireplace uses a lot of energy, not only from the gas fire, but also from the conditioned air that is constantly vented to the outside. IntelliDraft puts an end to this waste of energy because:

IntelliDraft is designed for maximum safety.

IntelliDraft is designed for maximum safety.

• the chimney is closed when the fireplace is not used;
• the draft is never excessive, which saves fuel; and
• perfect operating conditions are present to eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions.

The IntelliDraft creates the safest operation for any gas-fired fireplace or decorative appliance, and exceeds even the building codes’ strictest safety requirements by:
• protecting against downdrafts;
• eliminating spillage and CO release due to building depressurization; and
• automatically shutting down fireplace operation if conditions are unsafe.

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