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New Harman Accentra 52i is a “Heating Powerhouse”


With 52,000 BTUs and 85% efficiency, the Accentra 52i gives customers more heat with less fuel.

The Accentra 52i, Harman’s latest best-selling insert, is now available for dealers nationwide. Officials at the venerable company say the unit exemplifies the company motto—“Built to a Standard, Not a Price.”

Features include:
• 52,000 BTU and 85% efficiency gives customers more heat with less fuel;
• 50% less cleaning time than any other pellet unit;
• quieter operation due to dual blowers and better placement; and
• heat-activated mirrored glass (standard).

The Accentra 52i pellet insert is the new and upgraded version of the best-selling Harman Accentra pellet insert, and is sure to be easy for dealers to sell and easy for customers to own.

With a 10,000 increase in BTU output, the Accentra 52i is a heating powerhouse. It’s also 85% efficient and has a larger hopper that holds more pellets.

Modifications to the design significantly decrease the time required for maintenance. In fact, the Accentra 52i cleans up in about half the time of any other pellet appliance available today. And it still maintains the heat within one degree of the temperature you set (just like the trusted Accentra).

Specs for the Accentra 52i
• 52,000 BTUs — heats 900 to 2,600 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency;
• up to 64.5 lb. hopper capacity;
• 85% efficiency;
• automatic ignition and temperature control;
• dual 134 CFM blowers for quieter operation; and
• mirrored glass (standard feature).

Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Harmon Accentra 52i Pellet Insert
1) Keeps you perfectly warm: The 52i constantly adjusts its flame to keep your home within one degree of your desired temperature.
2) Powerful, even heat guaranteed: The 52i easily heats larger spaces with its powerful 52,000 BTUs
3) Saves you money—more heat with less fuel: 52,000 BTUs and 85% efficiency gives you the most heat out of your fuel.
4) Quickest and easiest pellet insert to maintain: The 52i takes half the time of the nearest competitor.
5) True 24-hour heating: You do not have to extinguish the fire to perform basic maintenance on the 52i.
6) More time enjoying your home, less time filling the hopper: The large 64-pound hopper allows up to 55 hours of heat on a single load of pellets.
7) Burns any grade of pellet with optimal efficiency: Patented Pellet Pro Technology burns from the bottom up, burning each piece of fuel completely, then automatically drops the ashes into the ash pan.
8) Harman craftsmanship and distinctive features: Premium castings, optional porcelain finish and flame-reactive mirrored glass make the 52i the perfect showpiece to accent your home.
9) Support USA-made products: The 52i was designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.
10) Built to a standard, not a price!: The 52i adheres to Harman’s uncompromising commitment to quality.

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South Sea Rattan Launches New Quick-Ship Program


All-weather seating groups in the hottest designs are available through South Sea Rattan’s new and expanded quick-ship program.


Ten upholstery fabric choices in a selection of colors and neutrals can be mixed and matched.

Patio Done Quick (PDQ) from South Sea Rattan Collections brings an expanded, quick-ship program with options made easy. Officials at the North Carolina-based company have curated a best-selling collection of 10 all-weather seating groups in the hottest designs.

Add to this 10 upholstery fabric choices in a selection of colors and neutrals, plus accent pillow coordinates that can be mixed and matched in performance Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics. With everything stocked, South Sea Rattan can ship in ten business days, so the perfect patio—or wherever the retreat may be—becomes a reality even faster and easier.

The bigger and better quick-ship program (PDQ) from South Sea Rattan Collections is yet another offering in what has become a tradition of casual home furnishings since 1984. Originally a manufacturer of indoor rattan and wicker furnishings, South Sea has since expanded to carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor collections, plus a diverse array of seating, dining, bedroom, and more.

While South Sea products have evolved to create relevant, modern-yet-timeless furnishings, the company’s roots continue to show through in the classical beauty and craftsmanship of woven designs. Products are assembled, sewn, upholstered, and packed by hand in North Carolina. The 2011 opening of an office and distribution center in Ontario, CA allows the company to provide even more accessibility to its lines.

South Sea’s mission is to provide quality, skillfully designed home furnishings that are competitively priced. As a family-owned and operated entity, South Sea continues to strive for excellence in producing furniture that is both functional and beautiful.

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New Gallery Electric Fireplace Insert Adds Instant Ambiance

Outdoor_Great_Room_PhotoGreatCo.™, a division of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™, has released the Gallery Electric Fireplace Insert, the newest addition to its line of electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplace inserts are perfect for the upcoming holiday season, giving dealers/customers the ability to plug in for instant ambiance. The Gallery Insert has been CSA tested for safety and is easy to set up and use.

They are cool to the touch, but will add heat and warmth to any space, so pets and small children are not in danger of burns. For customers who are not interested in spending the time and/or expense of a wood fire or gas fireplace, the Gallery Electric Insert is the perfect solution.

Users can even have the look of the fire going with flames without turning on the heat—perfect for use year round. Gallery turns any traditional fireplace into an easy-to-use, clean, and efficient electric fireplace in minutes—a fraction of the cost and installation time of a gas fireplace.

With two sizes of front surrounds, this insert fits most sizes of existing masonry and zero clearance wood-burning fireplaces. Features and benefits include:
• ability to use virtually anywhere in the home;
• functional and beautiful design that can be used year round;
• designed for pre-existing fireplaces but can be installed in a custom cabinet or recessed into a wall for a custom look in any room;
• ability to choose size surround—36-inch or 42-inch;
• operating costs as low as a penny per day with flame and backlighting, and 9 to 18 cents per hour with the heater on;
• realistic-looking fire, logs, and ember bed to choose flame intensity;
• faux brick background;
• LED flame, log, ember bed, and background lighting;
• 1500 watt heater—100% efficient;
• full feature remote control;
• ultra quiet 2 speed heater fan;
• high impact tempered glass front; and
• perates on a standard 120 volt plug-in.

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IntelliDraft from Enervex Seeks the “Perfect Draft”


IntelliDraft integrates with almost any design.

Today’s fireplace designs challenge the traditional venting system design. IntelliDraft from Enervex opens up many new design options, while allowing for a larger view area of the fire—and a more natural look.

“The main feature from the IntelliDraft compared to our previous product (EcoDamper) is that the control automatically adjusts based on the reading it gets from the probe—creating nearly a perfect draft at all times without changing the settings,” says Michael K. Owsley II, marketing communications specialist, ENERVEX Inc, Alpharetta, Ga.

Features of the IntelliDraft include:
• freedom to integrate in almost any fireplace design;
• elimination of the need for glass doors; and
• enabling of chimney designs that defy traditional design rules.

A fireplace uses a lot of energy, not only from the gas fire, but also from the conditioned air that is constantly vented to the outside. IntelliDraft puts an end to this waste of energy because:

IntelliDraft is designed for maximum safety.

IntelliDraft is designed for maximum safety.

• the chimney is closed when the fireplace is not used;
• the draft is never excessive, which saves fuel; and
• perfect operating conditions are present to eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions.

The IntelliDraft creates the safest operation for any gas-fired fireplace or decorative appliance, and exceeds even the building codes’ strictest safety requirements by:
• protecting against downdrafts;
• eliminating spillage and CO release due to building depressurization; and
• automatically shutting down fireplace operation if conditions are unsafe.

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LeeForge Wall Art & Accessories from OW Lee Maintain Momentum After Debut at ICFA Casual Market


The Escondido wall medallion is 45.5 inches in diameter.


The Seville features a distinctively old world feel.

OW Lee, a California-based manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture, fire pits, and accessories made waves two months ago with a new concept in ironwork called LeeForge. Since its introduction at the International Casual Furnishings Association, the collection of wall art has gained momentum among dealers/customers looking to complement high-end outdoor furniture, and add a final touch to any outdoor room.

LeeForge wall art includes three new wall medallions. The Escondido wall medallion is the largest of the three at 45.5 inches diameter. Its intricate scrollwork is characteristic of OW Lee craftsmanship.

Seville, at 44 inches diameter, has a distinctively old world feel reminiscent of an old Spanish gate. The Viento wall medallion was designed to match perfectly with OW Lee’s new Viento collection, providing a full design solution to an outdoor space. These three distinct styles compliment most OW Lee outdoor furniture collections.

“We had heard from our customers that there is demand for high-end iron wall art in the marketplace. We decided that high quality wall art and accessories would be a fantastic complimentary product to our furniture that we would be able to produce easily and offer at a good price,” said Terri Lee Rogers, president at OW Lee.

LeeForge offers the same 20-year structural warranty as OW Lee’s furniture frames, and a 5-year warranty on the frame finish. It is available in nine super-polyester powder-coated finishes, and includes mounting hardware that is compatible with most installations.

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Hippy is Hip Again: Sunbrella Icon Collection Brings Back Look of the 1960s and 1970s


Vintage stripes and solid plain weaves represent Sunbrella’s unique heritage of timeless design.

The Sunbrella Icon Collection is a new collection of Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics based on iconic patterns and colors from Glen Raven’s rich design history of the 1960s and 1970s.

Vintage stripes and solid plain weaves, along with the muted mid-century tones of the 1960s combine with the vibrancy and pops of color from the 1970s. Viewed as a whole, the collection represents a unique heritage of timeless design that translates well for today’s indoor and outdoor furniture.

The 1960s-inspired fabrics are anchored by Pioneer Sunrise, Scout Clay, and Traveler Lakeside. The solid texture (Volt) is available in 11 colors that range from neutrals and browns to brighter tones.

The 1970s-inspired fabrics feature bright, impactful patterns such as the multicolored stripes, Icon Pop, and High Fi Glow. These fabrics were inspired by the apparel knits that Glen Raven made during this time. The Sunbrella Icon Collection is now available to dealers looking to make a splash on the showroom floor.

The solid texture (Volt) is available in 11 colors that range from neutrals and browns to brighter tones.

The solid texture (Volt) is available in 11 colors that range from neutrals and browns to brighter tones.

From Past to Future
The 2014-2015 collection of Sunbrella upholstery fabrics also offers 30 exciting new fabrics, including bold new colors and patterns and sumptuous textures. Also new this year is Sunbrella Rain, a 100% waterproof version of the legendary Sunbrella upholstery fabric, available in a large selection of your favorite Sunbrella fabrics.

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NorthCape Updates Popular Charleston Collection


Generous arm width and elegant skirted style are hallmarks of the Charleston Collection.

The Charleston Collection from NorthCape International has been updated in a new resin finish. Now warehoused in the Chicago-based company’s popular Willow Round Weave, Charleston is a perennial favorite that dealers will want to rediscover.

The generous arm width and elegant skirted style are hallmarks of this collection, which has been one of NorthCape’s best sellers. Quick-ship CushNow options are available for this group in 24 of our NorthCape’s most popular Sunbrella fabrics, shipping in 10 business days or less. Customers looking for style, comfort, and value on the showroom floor will find what they are looking for.

The Bainbridge Collection, also from NorthCape International (pictured bottom left), features a modern look with a transitional feel. The Collection communicates laid-back style in a stunning Willow Thick Weave HDPE resin over a commercial-grade aluminum frame.

Bainbridge_PhotoA full line of add-on pieces are available to help tie together any backyard space. Quick-ship CushNow options are available for this group in four Sunbrella fabric combinations. Cushions feature premium fill for extended bounce-back and indestructible Tenara thread.

NorthCape offers five distribution points, as well as a wide range of logistical options, including direct import, cross-dock and consolidation programs. The company is able to keep lead times and freight costs to a minimum.

By adding two domestic sewing manufacturing facilities, as well as a comprehensive cushion and pillow program, customers have more options, flexibility, and a greater return on investment.