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Kozy Heat Responds to Consumer Demand with Bayport Direct-Vent Fireplaces

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The Bayport L from Kozy Heat.

After little more than a month on the market, the new Bayport direct-vent fireplaces from Minnesota-based Kozy Heat continue their strong momentum. Available in both a traditional log version [L] and a contemporary glass version [G], designers specifically set out to create the new #1 selling Kozy Heat unit.

“We wanted to take all of the features of our current best-selling unit, the Thief River Falls (TRF),” said Matt Kolander, sales manager, Kozy Heat, “and improve upon the areas where consumer demands have changed.”

Some of those changes include:
• pan style burner with the company’s most realistic logs yet, including a detailed ember bed;
• the same footprint as the TRF face, with one inch added depth (17 inches vs 16 inches on the TRF) and 30% more viewing area;
• new safety screen standards, so a ‘front’ is required for installation;
• hand hammered fronts;
• SIT Proflame 2 with 50% turn-down, IPI;
• full-function remote and fan kit, and has optional brick refractory or enamel firebox panels with BAY-41-L
• full-function remote, accent lighting, and enamel firebox lining similar to the Delano with the BAY-41-G—the perfect option for customers that loved the Delano, but wanted a larger viewing area; and
• top/rear vent with slim pipe, 27,000 BTUs, with 10-inch stand-offs to combustibles for both units.

Kozy Heat sold through the first production run of these fireplaces (such as the Bayport L pictured) and dealers are eagerly waiting to get more Bayports on display.

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