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High-Performance Glass from SCHOTT Continues to Raise the “Steaks”

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Nextrema™ is an important feature of infrared technology that eliminates the risk of drying out a great steak.


The “concept grill” showcases infrared technology that sears the perfect steak at extraordinary heat.

Since its introduction earlier this year, the SCHOTT Nextrema™ high-performance glass-ceramic grate system has continued to feed the public’s appetite for grilling techniques that duplicate the flavors of high-end steak houses.

Specifically, engineers at SCHOTT observed that many steak houses used high-temperature infrared (IR) grilling technology to sear meats evenly at 700 degrees or hotter. Chefs watched carefully through glass to avoid burning the meat. This same advantage is possible for the home barbecuer via the use of glass in grills.

The “concept grill” raises the stakes for home barbecuing, showcasing IR technology that sears and cooks the perfect steak at extraordinary heat. The SCHOTT Nextrema high-performance glass-ceramic grate system ensures no loss of IR heat, which helps to seal in juices and flavors.

An easy-to-clean glass-ceramic panel catches juices that infuse a rich, smoky barbecue flavor while a 25-by-29 inch SCHOTT glass-ceramic transparent viewing panel allows even novice barbecuers to keep a constant watch on their steaks.

SCHOTT’s heat-tolerant glass-ceramics are able to evenly disperse heat, which a study commissioned by SCHOTT discovered is among the most important features in a grill. In fact, the study showed that 80% of barbecuers want features of IR grilling that only SCHOTT Nextrema™ can deliver.

Nextrema™ is an important feature of IR technology that eliminates the risk of drying out a great steak by efficiently transferring IR heat directly to meat with reduced airflow. With Nextrema™, heat of 700 degrees or more allows for that perfect sear. But cooking at such extremes doesn’t come without risk. Seconds can make the difference between a great steak and a disaster. SCHOTT’s inventive, transparent, heat-resistant glass-ceramic panel allows cooks to keep a constant eye on their meal without opening the grill top.

“Every backyard barbecuer knows that opening the hood crashes the temperature,” said Karen Elder, marketing manager at SCHOTT North America Inc. “Our glass-ceramic monitoring panel allows any cook to tend to their steak while keeping flavor and juices in the meat, and heat and smoke inside the grill.”

At the same time, a Nextrema™ surface, made from the same easy-to-clean, heat-tolerant SCHOTT glass-ceramic material, protects the IR burners and allows the meat to be infused with sweet, smoky flavor.

“SCHOTT Nextrema already plays an essential role in infrared grills now available on the commercial market, such as those offered by TEC® Infrared Grills,” said Elder. “SCHOTT’s concept home barbecue combines the advantages of IR and high-performance glass-ceramic materials to inspire the next generation of grills for the benefit of home cooks and chefs everywhere.”

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