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Spotlight: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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Grandstone Collection (GS-1224-BRN-K)

Some of the latest fire tables from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company (Eagan, Minnesota) are definitely making customers stand up and take notice. As everyone knows, firepits and firetables are hot sellers, and they will continue to sell well into the fall when customers look for ways to extend the outdoor season. The Outdooor GreatRoom Company’s design team has many years of experience in the hearth industry and is recognized for its innovative fire tables, firepits, and fireplaces (gas, electric, and gel). These eye-catching products are all UL listed and are made of the finest materials, including high-grade stainless steel and stone.

The Grandstone Collection features a beautiful one-piece granite top, available in British granite or Absolute Black granite, with a UL-listed CF 1224 Crystal Fire Burner. Its heavy-duty base is made in the United States, and is available in black or brown, and in metal or wicker finish. Its dimensions are: 36 x 48 x 21 ¼ inches. The base can also be customized to match a décor.

Artisan Fire Table (ART-1224-BRN-K)

Artisan Fire Table (ART-1224-BRN-K)

The Artisan Fire Table (ART-1224-BRN-K) is both unique and gorgeous. It comes with a two-tone concrete top with high-quality, exterior grade frame and stucco finish. Its dimensions are: 54 x 25 ½ x 23 3/4 inches.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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