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Spotlight: MLW Stone

MLW Stone's new flexible natural stone is a hit with customers.

MLW Stone’s new flexible natural stone is a hit with customers.

MLW Stone is a successful supplier of sumptuous stone products for fireplace surrounds and other residential and commercial applications. As a stone supplier for over 34 years, Georgia-based MLW Stone is extremely knowledgeable about natural stone products, which benefits hearth and outdoor-living retailers (and their customers!). With a presence in most of the stone-producing countries in Europe, Asia, and South America, MLW Stone is able to offer customers a diverse range of products to complement many home remodeling project. The company’s local presence in these countries ensures competitive pricing and overall quality control of the product.

The slate product comes in 2x4-foot sheets and is available in different colors.

The slate product comes in 2×4-foot sheets and is available in different colors.

One of the company’s most recent launches is its StacKIT product. This revolutionary and affordable stone product has become a favorite of retailers and builders, because it features prefabricated panels that look as if the stone has been stacked carefully by hand. It’s a new concept in the stone-kit niche that has been well-received because it looks expensive without being expensive. In addition to fireplace surrounds, StacKIT is perfect for outdoor-kitchen islands, firepits, grill stands, mantel accents, and entertainment centers. Homeowners will always be attracted to natural stone for its richness and luster. MLW Stone now offers an affordable option for incorporating this beautiful material into their homes.

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