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Hearths for Any Room

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The Simplifire from Hearth and Home Technologies

The Simplifire from Hearth & Home Technologies

A fun aspect of many contemporary fireplaces is that they now have the ability to go in nearly any room of the house. Whether a consumer is looking to heat a bathroom or bedroom, many manufacturers now produce wall-mounted fireplaces that are easy to install and use. Wall-mounted fireplaces can be a great addition if a homeowner is looking to create some atmosphere, as well as some warmth.

The new 36- and 58-inch SimpliFire™ wall-mount models by Hearth & Home Technologies provide instant ambience and up to 4,800 Btu of heat. These units do not require any venting, and they can be quickly installed by being hung on the wall and plugged into an electrical outlet. Units feature glass media and standard LED backlighting that can rotate through more than 10 colors. Blue or yellow flames create unique personalization and are easily controlled with slim, standard remotes.

Napoleon’s new electric fireplace

Napoleon’s new electric fireplace

Introducing a new linear electric slimline fireplace series with a clean, crisp contemporary design and all the convenience of simply hanging them, plugging them in, and enjoying them: Napoleon’s new electric fireplaces feature a generous glass front and a contemporary glass ember bed that complements the minimalist design. All units can be recessed into the wall for reduced protrusion into the room. Five widths are available—32, 48, 60, 72, and 100 inches—making them perfect for any room in the house. The fireplaces produce 5,000 Btu and come with a linear glass front; a modern glass ember bed; a sleek, thin design for either wall mounting or recessed installation; an easy-access electronic touchscreen control panel (cool to the touch, even when the heater is on); a convenient remote control; and a wall-mounting bracket—making installation as easy as hanging a picture on the wall.

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