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Grills on Wheels

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Brahma Grill Cart from Bull Outdoor Products

Brahma Grill Cart from Bull Outdoor Products

Whether it’s moving a grill from storage out to the patio or to the other side of the backyard to cook in some shade, “moveable” barbecue grills provide convenience and flexibility. When a customer is thinking of purchasing a grill on a cart, you should ask them what type of surfaces they will be rolling the grill over, since this might be a factor in choosing between different models. Will the wheels be sturdy enough to go over rough surfaces, such as grass, pavers, or a deck? Below are a couple of portable products that would please many grill masters.

The Brahma, from Bull Outdoor Products, is a six-burner grill that can be purchased with a stainless-steel cart (and it is also available as a drop-in head). Offering a total of 90,000 Btu, lights, a rotisserie, a back burner, heavy-duty casters, and a towel rack, this grill is fully equipped and ready to roll. Each valve has its own piezo igniter and, as is always the case, the Brahma warranty is as strong as the grill: lifetime on the firebox and grates, and 20 years (full replacement) on the cast–stainless-steel burners.

New ProFire Solo Cart from Modern Home Products

New ProFire Solo Cart from Modern Home Products

The  new  ProFire Solo Cart, from Modern Home Products, is designed to fit most kamado-style grills, including the new ProFire Bravo Kamadostyle charcoal grill. Built with a patent-pending, front-load design for easy kamado grill installation, it also incorporates top-of-the-line features, including stainless steel side shelves with utensil holders, access door for convenient additional storage, locking swivel casters for maneuverability, and an integrated bottle opener.


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