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Bring the Music With You

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Entertaining and music go hand in hand. Whether it’s relaxing Brazilian Bossa nova for summertime grilling or some hard rock tunes during tailgating, music adds to the atmosphere of any event or party.

Soundcast Systems, a San Diego-based developer and manufacturer of wireless music systems, offers products that your customers will love—whether they’re at the beach or on a staycation. Its newest product is the Melody, a compact Bluetooth wireless speaker with a fun, modern design. Weighing only 9 pounds, this weather-and sun-resistant speaker can be used in the backyard or the beach.


The Melody offers phenomenal sound quality in open spaces, unlike many speakers that can’t make an impact outdoors. The acoustic design involves multiple speakers and woofers, radiating sound equally and in an omni-directional manner so that everyone can enjoy the music.

“The Soundcast team achieved a new benchmark in design sophistication and elegance on par with our legendary wireless audio performance,” says Soundcast President, Mike Weaver, “Melody is certain to be a game changer for our brand.”

Because of the wireless Bluetooth technology, the Melody is compatible with many smartphones and tablets out on the market. The Melody comes with an A/C adapter, 12-volt automotive adapter and USB charging cable, making it easy to charge at home or out on the go.

With the Melody, friends and family can take turns dj-ing while not missing out on any conversation!


Click here to learn more about The Melody.

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