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Charcoal Companion Grill Clips by The Companion Group

Charcoal Companion Grill Clips by The Companion Group

Accessories, such as area rugs, pottery, and grilling utensils, play an important role in your product offerings. As customers look to decorate their outdoor spaces and create functional outdoor kitchens, they are shopping for a lot more than just single pieces of furniture or a grill. Carrying a variety of accessories will also encourage customers to return to your store, generating more business and perhaps leading to some new shoppers as well. And accessories don’t have to be just outdoor pillows or a new spatula for the grill; check out the new and exciting accessories below!

These heavy-duty stainless-steel clips from The Companion Group make it easy to grill individual portions of vegetables. The clips are dishwasher safe and are ideal for asparagus, zucchini, green onions, or any other long vegetables. Grill clips are sold as a set of four.

Masterpiece Lazy Susan from Agio

Masterpiece Lazy Susan from Agio

Agio continues to lead the industry with trendsetting additions that add flair to any outdoor setting. The new Masterpiece lazy susan, available in an array of styles, combines the beauty of a stained-glass window mosaic with the functionality of a 20-inch rotating serving area. These lovely pieces can be used with any tabletop for added convenience and will be welcome additions for your customers.

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