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A New Charcoal Grill

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Broilmaster's Independence Grill

Broilmaster’s Independence Grill

The charcoal grill conjures up scenes of long summer days barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers for family and friends. Broilmaster, a well-known name in the gas grill industry, now has a new charcoal grill in its line-up. Everyone has their own fuel preference for grilling, but there are some advantages to using charcoal, such as its ability to cook at a hotter temperature and add a more flavorful, smoky taste to a variety of foods.

Broilmaster’s Independence Grill features a massive cast aluminum head for faster warm-up and consistent cooking temperature control in any weather – all monitored by an accurate, probe style heat indicator. The unique Independence Grill works with lump charcoal or briquettes and fits most Broilmaster carts and posts, plus all of the company’s side shelves. For easier ordering, the Independence Grill is also available in a complete package with black cart and one side shelf.

Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel from Broilmaster

Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel from Broilmaster

Along with their new grill, Broilmaster also created an innovative new accessory for the Independence Grill. The new patent-pending Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel converts the heat energy from glowing charcoal into infrared energy for cooking. This is the first and only IR-generator to use hot coals as its energy source. Positioned just below the cooking grid and just above the hot charcoal, the translucent red ceramic glass panel generates infrared energy to help sear steaks, chops and fish – locking in the flavor and juices. At lower cooking temperatures, the panel serves as a hot surface to vaporize drippings and add flavorful smoke to foods on the grill.



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