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Vermont Castings Flexburn™ Stoves (Defiant® & Encore®)

Vermont Castings Flexburn™ Stoves (Defiant® & Encore®)

The core mechanism of how a stove works has advanced greatly over the past 20 years. Now manufacturers are producing stoves that emit clean exhaust and heat larger spaces. Many homeowners are starting to see the advantages of putting in a stove, instead of a huge fireplace. Economically efficient, the stoves listed below will bring warmth and comfort to any room.

Meet the Defiant and Encore Flexburn technology wood-burning stoves from Vermont Castings. Unlike other stoves on the market today, both wood burning stoves provide the flexibility of two ways to burn in a single stove. So no matter if your customer is looking for a catalytic stove as a primary heat source for longer, more even heating , or a non-catalytic stove for easy operation and beautiful flames, these stoves have both technologies to accommodate either heating preference. And customers can rest assured that it will be with one simple-to-use product that’s an unbeatable combination of superior heating, craftsmanship, and efficiency.

Heritage Vent-Free Cast Iron Stove series

Heritage Vent-Free Cast Iron Stove series from Empire Comfort Systems

The popular Heritage Vent-Free Cast Iron Stove series from Empire Comfort Systems incorporates Empire’s Contour Burner system, plus a hand-painted ceramic fiber log set complements the burner. The existing Millivolt system is joined by an intermittent pilot model that eliminates the standing pilot for even greater fuel efficiency. Like the Millivolt system, the IP stove lights at the flick of a rocker switch and, in the event of a power outage, can operate via battery back-up or use a standing pilot to provide uninterrupted heat. Available control systems include everything from a simple on/off switch to a programmable thermostat remote. An optional blower installs in minutes to enhance heat circulation.


Vermont Castings

Empire Comfort Systems

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