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Grills for the Home Chef

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3-burner grill from Saber Grills

3-burner grill from Saber Grills

The housing market is making a comeback and warmer weather is almost in sight. As a result, consumers are starting to invest in their homes, especially their outdoor spaces. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention to prices. The cost of high-quality grills and outdoor furniture is daunting for many shoppers concerned about high gas prices, federal spending cuts, and increased payroll taxes. Home chefs who want high-quality grills at affordable prices should consider products by Saber Grills or Swiss Grill. Both of these companies offer superior grills that won’t make too big of a dent in one’s wallet.

Saber Grills have been engineered from the ground up to be the most advanced, performance driven and value-priced brand in the premium grill category. The Saber Grills’ product line features a patented infrared cooking system that dispenses heat evenly across the entire cooking surface, delivering juicy results without flare-ups and using 30% less gas than comparable grills. The Saber line includes six full-size grills and two built-in units that feature only 304 grade non-magnetic stainless steel.


The Zurich Z460d from Swiss Grill

The Zurich by Swiss Grill is the pinnacle of what an outdoor grill should be and offers superior design, ultimate flexibility, and incredible value. The Zurich comes with the following standard features: 98% stainless-steel construction, powerful output, and the Grizzler adjustable and infrared side burner.


Saber Grills

Swiss Grill

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