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Flame Features Catch On

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Bar-height Firepit From Mallin Casual

Bar-height Firepit From Mallin Casual

A recent survey by The American Society of Landscape Architects reveals that firepits and fireplaces are the outdoor products deemed most popular among consumers in the year ahead. 95.8 percent of the survey’s respondents rated fireplaces and firepits as being the most sought after items. Whether found in fireplaces, firepits, fire tables, or fountains, flame features add atmosphere and warmth in any outdoor setting. Manufacturers have now created firepits that come in all shapes and sizes–from table height to bar height. With so many choices available, customers will have no problem finding a fire feature that fits their entertaining needs.

Mallin Casual has introduced its new bar-height firepit. This firepit gives customers the same comfort as a standard bar height dining table. Because of its size (48×84 inches), it is a perfect match for the person who loves to entertain. The design of this firepit radiates elegance and style.

Counter-height Santorini Firepit from OW Lee

Counter-height Santorini Firepit from OW Lee

OW Lee’s counter-height Santorini firepit is 54 inches wide and sits 38 inches high. It offers beautiful fireside ambience and is designed for outdoor dining and entertaining. The firepit uses propane and comes with a natural-gas converter. The hearth top is designed to sit inside a captured rim, which allows the firepit to be transported as one unit.


Mallin Casual

OW Lee

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