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DCS Liberty Straight Line Design

DCS Liberty Straight Line Design

The economy is stronger and house sales are going up, which has led consumers to start putting money back into their homes.  Given these developments, this is the perfect time to promote outdoor grilling products.  Pent-up consumer demand for outdoor kitchens is a noticeable trend, and manufacturers have introduced some great new grilling products that will surely appeal to your customers.  As one of the leaders of the outdoor kitchen industry, DCS by Fisher & Paykel creates high-end grills that make outdoor cooks feel like professional chefs. Below are two notable products that would be of interest to those who are looking to expand or build their outdoor kitchens.

The DCS Liberty Straight Line Design includes three 30-inch modules that include a fully featured all-grill unit, a side burner/sink unit with two 17,000 BTU burners and a double side burner/12,000 BTU griddle unit. All units can be placed on carts with storage for a 360 degree grilling experience or can be built into an island enclosure.


DCS Corner Island Design

The DCS Corner Island Design offers great versatility with the introduction of new corner joining solutions. Bend units can be placed in a number of positions (alongside traditional grills, Liberty components, or refrigeration units) to create a custom island layout that is designed specifically for a customer’s needs.


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