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Ortal’s Hot Designs

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The Clear 150 from Ortal

The Clear 150 from Ortal

Ortal’s eye-catching contemporary fireplaces have only been available in the United States for two years, but they have already created a noticeable buzz. Ortal prides itself in offering cutting-edge designs with a focus on craftsmanship and high efficiency. With 9 basic styles and over 60 standard products, Ortal’s innovative direct-vent gas fireplaces are surfacing in homes as well as hotels and restaurants. Customers particularly like being able to place an Ortal fireplace in any room of the house.

The Clear 150 is one of the company’s green and environmentally-friendly standard direct-vent gas fireplaces. The direct-vent installation allows this model to be easily incorporated into any structure–whether it’s in a single-family residence, a spacious office-building lobby, or a fashionable high rise apartment.

Ortal’s Space Creator 75 (foreground) and Clear 110 Tunnel (rear)

Ortal’s Space Creator 75 (foreground) and Clear 110 Tunnel (rear)

Ortal’s Space Creator 75 (foreground) and Clear 110 Tunnel (rear) are among a diverse family of contemporary fireplaces providing form and function with high efficiency ratings, safe easy operation, and eye catching aesthetics including Ortal’s signature frameless glass-to-glass applications. Architects, builders and dealers agree that Ortal’s unique aesthetic and engineering features are a welcome addition to the hearth and fireplace industry in the United States and Canada.



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