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Sapphire Gel-Fuel Fireplace from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Fireplaces now come with a variety of fuel options. For those looking for an environmentally- friendly fireplace, using ethanol can be a great alternative to traditional gas or wood-burning hearths. Many customers also prefer ethanol-burning fireplaces because they do not have to be vented, which means they can be placed anywhere in the home.

In September 2011, the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) oversaw a voluntary recall of gel fuel and firepots. It’s important to note that the CPSC didnot include all ethanol-fueled appliances or all fuel in this recall. It was specifically directed at “all pourable gel fuels” manufactured and/or sold by certain suppliers. Many of these companies have recalled their products or have gone out of business.Today the ethanol fireplace industry has rebounded and many new and exciting products have been introduced.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s Sapphire Wall Fireplace is a smaller version of their popular Inspiration fireplace. The Sapphire is the most portable, easy-to-hang fireplace on the market today. This wall-mounted fireplace runs on clean-burning gel fuel and looks stunning on any wall of a home – indoors or out.

The Duraflame Illuma Fireplace log set

The Duraflame Illuma Fireplace log set

The Duraflame Illuma Fireplace log set safely burns renewable, liquid bio-ethanol. The log set features a patent-pending burner system that uses unique, no-pour illuma-fuel canisters. The fuel canister can be safely removed and replaced while the fire is burning. The fireplace log set includes an electronic igniter, a low fuel indicator and a built-in device to adjust the flames or extinguish the fire.


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company


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