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New Big Green Egg Pizza EGGcessories

New Big Green Egg Pizza EGGcessories

Long known for its bold-colored cookers and ceramic technologies that provide superior insulation, heat retention, and material strength, the Big Green Egg makes its case to customers who want something different. And now the Big Green Egg is offering that same level of quality with its “EGGcessories.”

With the increase of grilling year round and more homeowners creating second kitchens in their outdoor spaces, the Big Green Egg is manufacturing accessories that make the grilling process fun and seamless. From grill gloves to high-tech thermometers, the Big Green Egg offers customers everything they need for the ultimate grilling experience.

There’s nothing more fun than a pizza night at home with friends and family. With the Big Green Egg’s exciting new line of customized pizza EGGcessories, you can easily make your favorite pizza, flatbread, or calzone creations: Everyone chooses his or her own fresh ingredients, and the EGG makes sure that they all turn out perfectly.

Big Green Egg's Premium Wood Chips

Big Green Egg’s Premium Wood Chips

Customers will return again and again for Big Green Egg’s premium wood chips, made in the United States: Each variety of wood infuses food with its unique flavor and aroma. Now offered in four private-labeled varieties, Big Green Egg 100% natural wood smoking chips are made exclusively from natural, premium woods, and (like the company’s organic lump charcoal) they contain no artificial or chemical additives of any kind.

Big Green Egg

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