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Modern Looks for 2013

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Toulon from Tropitone's MODA brand

Toulon from Tropitone’s MODA brand

It’s a new year and that means manufacturers are showcasing their most recent brands or collections. While there will always be homeowners who prefer more traditional designs for their patio furniture, many consumers are looking for contemporary furniture that will complement the interiors of their homes. In late 2012, Tropitone announced their exciting new brand MODA, which consists of five modern groups.

This new line includes a total of 57 models, including 39 seating pieces and ottomans, eight coordinated accessory tables, and 10 dining tables. The furniture, which feature a combination of textured weaves, tailored upholstered fabrics and stainless steel or powder coated aluminum, will freshen up any outdoor (or even indoor) space. The MODA brand definitely brings an element of class and modern appeal to homes.

Trellis from Tropitone's MODA brand

Trellis from Tropitone’s MODA brand

“Since our beginning in 1954, the core Tropitone brand has been synonymous with high performance in the commercial marketplace,” says Tanya Stevens, vice president of marketing and service operations. “We wanted to create a brand and products that communicate high style to complement the core Tropitone brand’s high performance. Tropitone MODA is the urbane and elegant companion to the Tropitone brand’s fun-loving and approachable personality.”

If your customers are looking to create a luxurious contemporary outdoor space, the new MODA brand from Tropitone is the perfect choice.


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