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A Good Egg

New Big Green Egg Pizza EGGcessories

New Big Green Egg Pizza EGGcessories

Long known for its bold-colored cookers and ceramic technologies that provide superior insulation, heat retention, and material strength, the Big Green Egg makes its case to customers who want something different. And now the Big Green Egg is offering that same level of quality with its “EGGcessories.”

With the increase of grilling year round and more homeowners creating second kitchens in their outdoor spaces, the Big Green Egg is manufacturing accessories that make the grilling process fun and seamless. From grill gloves to high-tech thermometers, the Big Green Egg offers customers everything they need for the ultimate grilling experience.

There’s nothing more fun than a pizza night at home with friends and family. With the Big Green Egg’s exciting new line of customized pizza EGGcessories, you can easily make your favorite pizza, flatbread, or calzone creations: Everyone chooses his or her own fresh ingredients, and the EGG makes sure that they all turn out perfectly.

Big Green Egg's Premium Wood Chips

Big Green Egg’s Premium Wood Chips

Customers will return again and again for Big Green Egg’s premium wood chips, made in the United States: Each variety of wood infuses food with its unique flavor and aroma. Now offered in four private-labeled varieties, Big Green Egg 100% natural wood smoking chips are made exclusively from natural, premium woods, and (like the company’s organic lump charcoal) they contain no artificial or chemical additives of any kind.

Big Green Egg

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Wood and Wood Alternatives

Valhalla Rectangular Dining Table from Kingsley-Bate

Valhalla Rectangular Dining Table from Kingsley-Bate

Customers shopping for new patio furniture are faced with many choices in terms of design and construction. For those wanting a classic look, wood furniture can be the perfect choice for durability and aesthetics. Wood pieces blend into any outdoor space and are easy to maintain. Some manufacturers create furniture that resembles real wood, but is made from synthetic material. These collections look and feel like wood, but are often easier to maintain.

For customers seeking the richness of real wood pieces, Kingsley-Bate’s teak collections can’t be beat. Its Vallhalla tables are constructed from reclaimed teak with a gray wash finish. Both dining and occasional tables are available, including a 73-inch and 96-inch dining rectangular table, 24-inch square side table, and 55-inch rectangular coffee table. The 72-inch dining table comfortably seats six while the 96-inch table seats eight, and pairs well with a variety of their woven dining chairs. The occasional tables complement their woven seating collections beautifully.

Eon's Milan counter-height dining set

Eon’s Milan counter-height dining set

For customers interested in synthetic, wood-looking outdoor furniture, Eon offers a wide array of designs. The new Eon Milan counter-height dining set is the ideal combination of style and function, looking great on the patio, balcony or terrace. This slightly upscale and more refined design is perfect for bringing elegance to an outdoor area. Made from a highly-engineered polymer, this dining set is built to last a lifetime.




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Backyard Pizzeria

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Accessories for grills have moved beyond your basic spatula and cleaning brush. Now backyard chefs can use tools such as pepper holders and salt plates, which make grilling easier and more fun. Grills themselves have been reinvented to prepare specific types of food. Pizza, one of America’s favorite foods, is now easy to make on the grill thanks to specialized grills and accessories. During the past few years, many manufacturers have introduced products specifically designed for cooking pizza directly on the grill.

The Artisan Fire pizza oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet brings old-world pizza oven cooking to the modern outdoor kitchen. This stainless-steel, gas-fired pizza oven has a countertop design that requires no installation. Capable of cooking at more than 800 degrees, it can bake a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes.

Deep Dish Grill Wok and Stone Grill Set from Broil King

Deep Dish Grill Wok and Stone Grill Set from Broil King

The Broil King line of premium grilling tools includes accessories that are perfect for making mouthwatering, restaurant-style pizza. The Pizza Stone Grill Set features a solid pizza stone, pizza peel, high-grade stainless steel construction, and an integrated thermometer. Pizza lovers will love using this set for entertaining and preparing food for the family.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Broil King

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Entertaining Made Easy

Charcoal Companion® Salt Plate Holder from The Companion Group

Charcoal Companion® Salt Plate Holder from The Companion Group

There’s no question that grilling and entertaining go hand in hand–whether it involves cooking for a family reunion or a school soccer team. And if your customers are looking to make their entertaining run a little smoother, it’s good to recommend some add ons that can make the grilling process easier, which leaves more time for mingling.

Salt plates are handy for cooking food that’s served directly to guests, but they can be awkward and sometimes dangerous to maneuver. The Charcoal Companion® Salt Plate Holder from the Companion Group is made of durable porcelain coating and provides easier, safer salt plate transport from cooking surface to table. Furthermore, the holder eliminates excess pressure to any one area of the plate while protecting fragile edges. As the salt plate begins to wear down, the holder can be used as a frame to hold together larger pieces of salt.

Bull Outdoor's Ice Chest

Bull Outdoor’s Ice Chest

Bull Outdoor’s ice chest is not a new item, but is one that has become very popular with customers. This high-capacity unit holds 24 beer cans and two bottles of wine, and it includes a stainless-steel tray to hold smaller items. The ice chest is fully insulated and includes a 304 stainless-steel lid with a Bull-style handle.


The Companion Group

Bull Outdoor Products

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Emerald Green – Color of the Year

R.H. Peterson's Diamond Nuggets in Emerald

R.H. Peterson’s
Diamond Nuggets in Emerald

When one mentions the word “emerald,” many people conjure up thoughts of the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. It makes sense that this lush shade of green was selected for this beautiful fictional setting. It also makes sense that Emerald Green was selected as the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute, since it goes hand in hand with elegance and luxury. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, notes that “green is the most abundant hue in nature,” which makes it the ideal color for home decorating. As an accent color, Emerald Green brings vibrancy to any outdoor or indoor space.

Staying on top of this color trend, R.H. Peterson recently introduced its new Diamond Nuggets in Emerald Green. This rich, deep green fire glass, adds sparkle and luster to fireplaces and outdoor fire features.


Arabesque from Capel

Capel manufactures outdoor and interior rugs that feature Emerald Green. A classic tile pattern from the Middle East and northern Africa, Arabesque from Capel is one of designer Genevieve Gorder’s go-to mosaics in flooring. By switching mediums and using it on a rug, it adds some spice to any environment.


R.H. Peterson


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Sprucing Up Small Spaces

Single Swing With Oak Arms: Hamptons Summer Stripe from The Hammock Source

Single Swing With Oak Arms: Hamptons Summer Stripe from The Hammock Source

Home and apartment dwellers with small patios or balconies can bring as much comfort and style to these areas as homeowners with large backyards and porches. While it may seem daunting to find pieces that will fit into tighter spaces, many manufacturers have introduced stylish outdoor furniture that will fit into smaller areas.

This singular single-swing from The HammockSource is the perfect example. The frame and sumptuously curved, steam-bent, white oak arms are a warming honey-gold hue. Pillowy cushioning of recycled-polyester hollowfill fiber is sandwiched between two layers of cottony-soft, all-weather DuraCord fabric. With bold stripes in alternating blues, golds, and whites, the Hatteras Hammocks Hamptons Summer Stripe fabric pattern will brighten up the smallest patio or balcony.

Andover Collection from Homecrest

Andover Collection from Homecrest

Homecrest’s Andover (a new concept in outdoor seating that is reminiscent of the Adirondack chair) is also perfect for compact spaces. Andover’s gently tapered and curved slat seat and back are formed with Homecrest’s custom aluminum to provide the comfort and durability that are synonymous with Homecrest. The Andover collection incorporates the new all-aluminum swivel rocking mechanism, selected for its ability to survive under all climate conditions. Andover is fresh, innovative, and playful. It’s offered in Homecrest’s 10 standard frame finishes, with an added four bright colors exclusive to Andover. Available with or without cushions, Andover includes a love seat and ottoman, in addition to dining and balcony pieces.

The Hammock Source


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Winter Grilling

 Kalamazoo's Hybrid Fire Grill

Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Fire Grill

Barbecuing is typically associated with warm summer months, but many consumers are grilling during the chilly winter season as well. A 12/31/12 article from the Wall Street Journal, “The Life of the Winter Party: Your Grill,” by Annie Marie Chaker, describes how recent grill technology combined with the new interest in indoor-outdoor home design has led to an increase in outdoor winter grilling.

In the article, Chaker profiles grillers from cold spots such as Fargo, North Dakota to show how they make the most of outdoor grilling and entertaining during the bitter cold weather. Some outdoor chefs in cold climates even admit that there is something nice about standing next to a warm grill as they prepare tasty juicy steaks. They also don’t have to worry about needing coolers to keep the beer cold—the snow gets the job done.

Retailers are starting to capitalize on this recent surge of winter barbecuing activity. Gas and electric grills are particularly popular among winter grillmasters, so it makes sense to promote these products during what used to be considered the off-season. One example of a grill that’s suitable any time of the year is the Hybrid Fire grill from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. It’s the only line of barbecues that cook with three different fuels at once: wood, charcoal, and gas. These unique grills provide the widest cooking versatility on the market, giving their owners the freedom to pursue any outdoor cooking technique – using the fuel of their choice.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

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Modern Looks for 2013

Toulon from Tropitone's MODA brand

Toulon from Tropitone’s MODA brand

It’s a new year and that means manufacturers are showcasing their most recent brands or collections. While there will always be homeowners who prefer more traditional designs for their patio furniture, many consumers are looking for contemporary furniture that will complement the interiors of their homes. In late 2012, Tropitone announced their exciting new brand MODA, which consists of five modern groups.

This new line includes a total of 57 models, including 39 seating pieces and ottomans, eight coordinated accessory tables, and 10 dining tables. The furniture, which feature a combination of textured weaves, tailored upholstered fabrics and stainless steel or powder coated aluminum, will freshen up any outdoor (or even indoor) space. The MODA brand definitely brings an element of class and modern appeal to homes.

Trellis from Tropitone's MODA brand

Trellis from Tropitone’s MODA brand

“Since our beginning in 1954, the core Tropitone brand has been synonymous with high performance in the commercial marketplace,” says Tanya Stevens, vice president of marketing and service operations. “We wanted to create a brand and products that communicate high style to complement the core Tropitone brand’s high performance. Tropitone MODA is the urbane and elegant companion to the Tropitone brand’s fun-loving and approachable personality.”

If your customers are looking to create a luxurious contemporary outdoor space, the new MODA brand from Tropitone is the perfect choice.