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The Twinfire from Wittus

The Twinfire from Wittus

Given the array of hearth products available today, many consumers face the dilemma of deciding between stoves or fireplaces. Both are a great source for heat, come in a variety of sizes, and can go into almost any room of the home.  Fireplaces and stoves have distinct features, so it’s important to talk with customers to find out what they need when it comes to design, ambience, and heating requirements.

For a long time, stoves were utilitarian and were not considered stylish. They provided ample heat, but had a hard time fitting in with home décor. Times have changed for the look of stoves as manufacturers have started to produce stoves that fit into even stylish contemporary homes. Niels Wittus, from Wittus-Fire By Design, agrees that people today want stoves with good design first and heating second. “They buy stoves more for ambience and beauty,” says Wittus.

Wittus-Fire By Design has created innovative stoves that are sleek, modern and fit into any contemporary home. The Twinfire from Wittus is the most efficient wood-burning, natural-convection, natural-draft stove in the world, achieving a 92% efficiency rating, according to the OMNI-Test Laboratories.

Heat & Glo TRUE by Hearth and Home Technologies

Heat & Glo TRUE by Hearth and Home Technologies

Hearth and Home Technologies has also found the right combination for creating stunning fireplaces and stoves that provide powerful heat. Peter Dircks, vice president of product management, says, “Our focus is on both technology and design elements.” According to Dircks, it is important to not only develop beautiful heating products, but also offer cutting-edge designs that appeal to young homeowners.

The Heat & Glo TRUE, by Hearth and Home Technologies, provides an authentic masonry appearance with a safe, convenient direct-vent gas platform, with a clean face and a flush hearth design, the TRUE 50-, 42-, and 36-inch sizes offer the largest viewing area in its class. High-definition logs and LED accent lighting help create bold, robust fires. Seen through reflection-free glass, these fires provide an experience that is as close as it gets to the real thing.



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