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Extending the Patio Season

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Infratech Comfort Heaters

Infratech Comfort Heaters

Just because there’s a nip in the air doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy their patios and decks. Companies such as Infratech and Infrared Dynamics are in the business of keeping homeowners (as well as restaurant and hotel guests) toasty and cozy during cooler weather. Both of these companies specialize in manufacturing outdoor patio heaters and their products have become hot items for consumers.

Whether for work or recreation, Infratech comfort heaters turn cold indoor and outdoor areas into comfortable, inviting spaces. The W-series heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz-heating element that produces safe infrared radiant energy. Radiant energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air. These heaters are suitable for ceiling, wall, or flush-mount installations, with minimal clearance required. Solid-state and analog controls are also available for intensity adjustment.

The Sunglo model A242 from Infrared Dynamics

The Sunglo model A242 from Infrared Dynamics

The Sunglo model A242 freestanding patio heater by Infrared Dynamics has a very slim profile on the homeowner’s patio. The A242 Sunglo radiant heater offers the flexibility needed to move the heater on decks or patios piped for natural gas or under-deck propane. No electrical power is needed. The A242 heats an average 12-foot area with sunshine-like heat.

While many think patio heaters are exclusively for restaurants or hotels, they have become increasingly popular among homeowners who want to extend their patio season. What has helped increase the popularity of patio heaters is the variety that manufacturers now offer; from freestanding heaters to smaller table-top units that can put out up to 10,000 BTU’s of heat.



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