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Environmentally Friendly Flames

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Illuma Log Set by Duraflame

Illuma Log Set by Duraflame

Customers who wish to live a greener life by using eco-friendly products can now pick from a wide variety of merchandise. Whether it’s a fireplace or firepit, the latest product offerings from many manufacturers incorporate features that create less waste. Duraflame, a leader in the fire log business, recently introduced their bio-ethanol fireplace technology, illuma™ and the response from consumers and retailers about these products has been very positive.

Bio-ethanol is made from fermented agricultural biomass, such as corn, grain, sugar cane, or other by-products, into alcohol. The fuel has minimal emissions of carbon dioxide and produces almost no particulate emissions. The bio-ethanol fuel for the illuma fire log set is stored in a canister that can be easily removed and replaced.

Illuma Firepit by Duraflame

Illuma Firepit by Duraflame

The indoor fire log set features a realistic oak log stack that can fit into any open-hearth fireplace. The size and burn of the fire can be controlled and can be lit with a one-touch electronic igniter. The outdoor firepit version has the oak log stack and features a multicolored slate tile top accented with brushed copper trim.



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