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Gather ‘round the Firepit

Firepit from Patio Renaissance

Firepit from Patio Renaissance

The temperature this past week hit 70 degrees in Chicago! Chicago isn’t the only city with a December warm spell. Many parts of the country have been experiencing unseasonable weather during the past few weeks. Customers should take full advantage of this mild weather by enjoying their patios or outdoor spaces. Firepits are perfect for family gatherings or early holiday parties during these warm spells. And don’t forget to promote firepits as holiday gifts. Whether wood-burning or gas powered, firepits make perfect gifts for people of all ages.

Patio Renaissance offers consumers a wide range of firepit choices. Models are available in three sizes: 48-inch round, 54-inch square, and 36×58-inch rectangular. Tops are available in solid marble, artistic stonework, aluminum faux stone, and a cast version. With stainless-steel burners and air mixers, these models are safer because they produce less carbon monoxide. A sliding tank drawer is included for easy access. Each comes with a standard gas key for extra safety.

Winston's Firepit

Winston’s Firepit

For wood-burning fans, Winston’s wood-burning firepit is extremely versatile. The copper painted bowl rests in the middle of a solid cast-aluminum top. When the unit is used as a firepit, the cast fire-bowl cover rests conveniently underneath, atop the legs’ inner ring. When the cast firepit cover is placed over the bowl, it converts the unit into a chat/cocktail table-two products in one. Available in all Winston finishes, the firepit includes the bowl, a wood grate, a firescreen, and a poker/firescreen wand.


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